Saturday, November 15, 2008

KyAnn Waters/All Lycan's Eve


Ellora's Cave Publishing

Callie’s sweet cream coated his fingers when he parted her inner folds. He caressed her swollen and distended nubbin. “You’re so hot.” Her pussy was soaked. “Tell me you came looking for me tonight.”
“Yes,” she whispered. Liking the effect he had on her, he circled his thumb around her clit again. “The moment I saw you, I knew I wanted you.” She stilled. “You don’t live at home, do you?”
He chuckled. “No. Not for a long time now.”
She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth when he took the condom from her hand.
“I hope you’re sure?”
“Yes,” she said while watching him roll the latex glove over his cock. Holding the base, he spread her juices with the head. He breeched her opening. The silken walls of her cunt resisted.
Callie sucked in a sharp breath. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders. “Oh my! You’re huge.”
Kean locked his jaw, clenched his teeth, and stretched her opening. Her honeyed cream coated his shaft, scented the air, and eased his entry into her welcoming channel. “So sweet.” Pressing deeper, easing back, to thrust a bit further, then her soft, swelled tissues completely devoured his cock. For a moment he stilled, buried to the hilt. He pulled out and drove deep again. Her hot folds enveloped him. Blood pounded in his ears.
“Oh yes, Kean! Harder! Faster.” She wrapped one leg around his hips and braced the other foot on a box. Arching, she angled her pelvis. Kean took fierce hold of her thighs, spread her wide, and watched his cock disappear into her body.
His heart hammered in his chest, threatening to break through his ribs. Never before had his cock swelled to such lengths. It was the difference between being buried deep in his mate rather than fucking a she-wolf. Sweat trailed down his spine. The muscles in his ass contracted.
Callie wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Still wearing her high heels and stockings, she hooked her ankles behind his back. The force of his thrusts slid her against the top of the box. The wet sounds of their bodies blended with heavy breathing.
Kean found her lips, sweeping her mouth with his tongue. Tangling and tasting. She moaned and he deepened the kiss, sucking her upper lip. His hand firmly kneaded the full globe of her breast and then he pinched the tightened nipple before rolling it between his fingers.
“Callie, you are my mate.” As he ran his hands up her sides, he felt each rib. Wrapping around to her back, he traced the feminine curves of her lower back to her shoulder blades. Her naked flesh was smooth beneath his calloused fingers. “Do you accept me?”
Her thighs shook and her ragged breathing grew shallow. “Oh yes!” Trembling with building tension, she reached for her orgasm. He grabbed onto her high heels and pushed her bent knees to her ears then fucked her hard, banging the head of his shaft against the top of her channel. Hot cream dripped from her pussy and from his balls. She tightened around his shaft.
Finally, her body crashed. The walls of her vagina milked his cock. A hot gush of fluid followed.
Unleashing the beast within, Kean stretched his neck and howled to the ceiling. His mouth watered as he began to shift. His canines lengthened to sharp points. Animal instinct overpowered human nature. Fierce growls vibrated his chest cavity. The need to dominate, make her submit…make her his bitch!
Dropping Callie’s feet, he pulled her close and sank his teeth into her shoulder. Canines pierced the soft flesh sinking deeply, tasting the salt of her skin. Blood filled his mouth. The metallic taste coated his lips, tongue and throat. Heat rushed through his veins energizing his blood and making him high. He locked his jaw at the same time his cock swelled within her body.

Callie’s scream died in her throat. Her fingers grabbed at the thick fur covering where there was once smooth muscular flesh. Blinding pain shocked her system and then a euphoric haze clouded her mind. Her body relaxed and stars erupted behind her eyes. In the darkened room, her touch told her what her eyes couldn’t.
Intoxicating, heavy scents of musk, male and sex permeated the air. Kean’s arms locked around her waist. Soft hair brushed against her exposed skin. She couldn’t twist her mind around what her hands clearly understood. She had brought out the animal in Kean.
And he’d bitten her!
Blood flowed warm down her back. The salt of her skin stung the wound. His cock still thrust in and out of her body in a frenzied rhythm. And damn it, he felt absolutely glorious. His teeth piercing her skin held her immobile. She clutched fists of fur. Damn, what was he and what had she gotten herself into? His shoulders were broader and although she couldn’t see, she knew he’d grown taller because her arms stretched to reach his neck. She had no choice but to hold on through the wild fucking.
Finally, in an explosion of energy, his body jerked with spasms as he rode his orgasm. His hold on her eased, but before she had a chance to scramble away, warm wet strokes of a soft, velvet tongue soothed the sting and the bite. His long tongue laved the wound. A tongue that felt nothing like the one he had in her mouth a few moments before, but still brought tingles to her skin. Her head swam with uncertainties. How could she be scared of him and yet hunger for more? The licks sent pulses into her nipples and into her vagina renewing the need to have him ravish her again.

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