Saturday, November 15, 2008

John Simpson/Murder Most Gay


Dreamspinner Press

Dean moved and I felt his tongue on the nape of my neck and he slowly ran his tongue down my spinal column, not even stopping at the crack of my ass, but continuing into
the soft crevice between my ass cheeks.

When his tongue hit my hole I felt a shock go through my entire system and I literally banged my head into the headboard of the bed. I heard Dean moan as he used his
tongue, expertly eating out my ass, and dragging his tongue all the way
down the rest of the crack until he once again hit my balls with his
mouth. At that point I was spread eagle as far as I could; I wanted him
to have anything he wanted, and I wanted to be fucked by this man. He
was making me feel things that no other man had ever made me feel
before. As he returned to rimming me I heard the telltale sound of the
rubber package being opened, and the squirt sound of lube. I knew that
I was about to be impaled on his magnificent manhood and I was
determined to take it like a man.

My asshole was soaked with saliva from Dean’s mouth and then I felt a finger being inserted into my anus. I involuntarily shoved my ass toward it. The felt incredibly good and
only served to set me on fire.

Dean was adding lube to my anal canal and then I felt his hot
breath on my neck and at my ear as he whispered, “Are you ready to
take all of me, Pat?”

“Yes, please, fuck me; fuck me hard and long, Dean. I want
you deep inside of me,” I begged.

I felt the first contact with the head of his dick as he pushed
gently against my hole. I tried to remember all the things that I had
told guys that I had fucked in the past: just relax, breathe deeply, don’t
tense up, and enjoy it.

I felt the fat head of his dick pop past the tight muscle. At that
point, it was a matter of slowly sliding his massive cock up my ass,
allowing myself to adjust to the intruder that was in full penetrating
mode. I felt as if I was full as he slid all of his manhood into my ass
and even felt my prostate gland nudged. Finally I felt his bush against
my ass cheeks and his balls rested on top of my ass.

“Are you all right, Pat?” he asked.

“Yeah, Dean, for someone who has just had a light pole shoved
up his ass, I’m doing remarkably well.”

After I felt fully adjusted to Dean’s cock, he started the slow
rhythm of fucking and once I relaxed, I was totally captivated by the
dominance and the giving up of my most personal sexual gift to this
handsome man. He kept the tempo slow at first, making sure I was not
in pain, and then picked up the pace. I must admit, I could have
used more lube as there was some discomfort due to his size. As if he
was reading my mind, he pulled all the way out and I heard a sucking
sound when his dick left my ass.

“Turn over, Pat,” Dean commanded, and I did as I was told. I
saw him applying a liberal amount of lube to his massive cock and then
he threw my legs over his shoulders and slowly reinserted his cock into
my ass.

As he slid the entire shaft in, he looked into my eyes, and said,
“I want to watch your face and look into your eyes as I thoroughly fuck
you tonight,” he said with a heavy salty lust in his voice. My legs were
in the air and Dean started to fuck my ass in a very serious, intent
manner. I felt every thrust as he gained speed, pounding my ass for all
that it was worth. I found myself urging him on to “Fuck me harder,
fuck me like you mean it,” which told me I was in total heat. Dean had
no trouble complying with my order and now pounded my ass like a
piston engine, drawing out almost all of his ten inches and thrusting it
all back into my ass up to his pubes.

My cock bounced around fully erect as if it was a limb of a tree in a windstorm. I grabbed my cock but was afraid that if I stroked it some that I would cum and that would ruin
my ability to take the punishment Dean was handing out at the end of
his penis. Once again, he pulled out with the same sucking noise.

“Get on all fours, Pat, I’m going to fuck you like a dog,” he
ordered, his voice fully consumed by passion and raw sexuality.

I did as I was told and this time he inserted his dick into my ass without
wasting any time. Once again he quickly turned into a piston fucking
machine and my balls were slapping against my thighs from the
pounding of Dean’s cock. My ass was taking a pounding that it had
never experienced before and I wondered if I would in fact be able to
withstand a full fucking from this man. I could tell by his moans of
pure pleasure and the speed of his thrusts that he might be nearing an
end, and I could only hope that he was at that point. He had been
fucking me silly for over twenty minutes and my ass was wearing out,
but I held on. Finally, Dean shoved his cock in and out slowly but
forcibly three or four times and I heard him moan and literally yell out
my name as he came for what seemed like a full minute. Dean
collapsed in a heap upon my back, panting hard as if he had been
running a two-mile sprint.

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G said...

Very good story, Likable characters. Besides dealing with issues of being a cop and gay book gives a very good mystery and don't forget to read the sequel--Task Force.

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