Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dakota Trace/Just Between Friends



“Do you know where your G-spot is, Bella?”
“It's a myth.” She looked at him as she couldn't believe what he had just said.
Seth slowly shook his head. “No, it's not. There is a sensitive spot inside your vagina, that will make you come like crazy, harder than you ever have.”
Oh, that's intriguing , but how do I find it? “Where is it?”
“It's usually on the upper wall, you probably haven't ever felt it because your fingers are too short to reach, but I have an idea, on how you could experience it, if trust me.”
Now, she looked at him with suspicion. Is he trying to pull a fast one?
“Hold out your hand, Bella.”
She did so, not understanding what his point was. She soon realized what he was trying to prove when he placed his palm against hers. His fingers covered and extended well beyond hers.
“It's a simple, Bella, my fingers are much longer than yours.”
“So I have short fingers.”
“Longer fingers mean more depth penetration.”
A light went off in her head when she realized what he was offering. “Seth! You want to, oh no, I can't.” Desire flared inside her and seconds later, she knew she was wet again.
“Shhh. They'll be like a dildo, only I can move them to reach that special spot you need stimulated. It will be like having a live dildo that you control.”
It was crazy but the idea of coming on Seth's fingers was turning her on. It seems like everything to do with him is having that effect on me! Am I slut?
“This is only another way to pleasure you, Bella. I promise to only do what you ask me to. You will call the shots. Any time you are uncomfortable, we'll stop. But feeling you come on my fingers will be the sexiest thing either of us could experience.”
Damn him, if he isn't right.
“I can't believe I'm going to do this.” Pulling his hand to her mouth, she sucked his first three fingers like tiny cocks to wet them for her pussy.
“I bet you do the same thing for your vibe, don't you?”
“Yeah. It has to be wet.” Panting, she moved his hand down between her splayed legs.
Seth was visibly excited again. “It's just like giving a blow-job, Bella. The way you wet my fingers and your vibe, is just like sucking cock. When your ready, I'll even let you do that to me.”
“Maybe.” She answered absently as she positioned his fingers the exact way she wanted them before slowly opening her folds, pressing them against her opening, and burying them in her moist heat.
As three of his fingers were slowly eaten up by her hungry pussy, Seth's eyes nearly popped out of his head. I can't believe how hot that looks and feels!
Bella took his wrist firmly and started moving his hand like she would her vibe. “Oh, Seth, you can reach much deeper.”
He nodded. Experimentally, he curved the tips of his fingers back towards him, pressing against the upper wall of her sheath.
“Oh yeah! That's the spot? Press harder, Seth, harder!” She moaned deeply as his fingers found her mythical g-spot. Her pussy started weeping even more juices as she fucked her slit on his fingers.
“That's it Bella, use my fingers to make yourself come.”
“Faster.” She yanked on his wrist and moaned with relief when he did. She couldn't stop her next command. “Wiggle them inside me, Seth!” Pushing her hips against his hand, she waited for him to do as she asked. She cried out in extreme pleasure as he did. “Yes, Oh God, yes!” She held his hand against her tightly and her orgasm seemed to rise out of her toes.
Seth watched, knowing she was eminently close to coming all over his fingers. He could feel her tight vaginal muscles gripping his fingers, and saw her beautiful eyes snap shut, she was focused solely on her approaching orgasm. Wanting her to enjoy it more, he slid his thumb over her swollen clit while wiggling his fingers as she had demanded.
“Seth!” She screamed like a wild thing, possessed by pleasure. “Kiss me, damn it.” Her plea was followed by a groan and familiar quivering that signified her release was near.
Seth captured her mouth with his just as she bowed off the bed. His kiss muffled her scream. Tearing his mouth away hers, he watched as his best friend convulsed on his buried fingers. Groaning himself, he rubbed his now hard cock against her leg.
“YES!” She screamed as her clit exploded once more under his firmly rubbing thumb. One orgasm obviously wasn't enough to tame her pent-up desire for him, as another rolled through clamping pussy.
* * * *
Both Bella and Seth lay on the bed breathing hard as the world calmed and righted itself. Seth could still feel the warmth of her wet folds around his still fingers as he was still inside.
“Thanks, Seth, that was intense. I guess it's not a myth after all, and I would never have thought to try to find it without you.”
“No thank you, I thought I was going to go crazy if I didn't get some relief. You are beautiful when you orgasm.”

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