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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Joanna Waugh/Blind Fortune


Cerridwen Press

“It must have been difficult learning to play the pianoforte by ear,” Charles observed in a neutral tone.
Her slender shoulders rose and fell. “Yes. But since I could neither stitch nor paint, music was my only creative outlet.”
“That explains the reason you initially learned to play, not why you continue to do so.”
“It’s necessary now. A part of my soul,” Fortuna whispered. “My…” Her voice trailed off.
“Passion?” Charles finished.
Her brows knitted together. “And you, my lord. I understand from Richard that you also play.”
He feigned a dramatic sigh. “I thought we agreed you’re to call me Charles.”
“Very well.” Her chin lifted a fraction higher. “Why do you love music, Charles?”
“I took up the harpsichord and later the pianoforte, to irritate my father. He thought it an unmanly occupation.”
Only Richard knew the truth. That, as a boy, Charles used music to escape his lonely existence at Lowden Hall.
“Now I play because it pleases me.” His lips curled in a sardonic smile. “Have you never heard that, ‘Music has charms to soothe the savage breast. To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak’?”
Fortuna cocked her head as if hearing something beyond the mere words he’d spoken. “You think yourself a brute?”
“Rude, certainly. And sometimes cruel,” he drawled. “You, of all people, must agree with that assessment of my nature.”
Fortuna shook her head. A copper corkscrew cascaded over her shoulder and curled like a question mark around one breast. Charles gaped at it.
“You’re more of a knotted oak,” she finally said.
His skin prickled with low level panic. He’d spent a lifetime hiding behind cold disdain and arrogance, allowing no one a glimpse beyond that facade. Yet with guileless perception and uncanny accuracy, Fortuna had managed to pierce the protective shield Charles had erected.
A hunger to reveal more of the person at his core welled up, seeped through him and sunk soul-deep. Ruthlessly, he suppressed it.
“I take it you’re a student of the London School.”
She considered his words, then said, “Yes.”
They were conversing on two levels now. Instinct told Charles she recognized and accepted his inability to share more of himself at the moment. Relieved that she understood, he said, “I find Field’s sonatas rather one dimensional. Are you familiar with Herr Beethoven?”
Fortuna shook her head and, like a puff of smoke, the emotional tension between them dissipated.
Charles felt a twinge of regret at its passing. Out loud, he said, “His Quasi una fantasia—Almost a fantasy—is just as somber but much more full-bodied. I’d be honored to play it for you.”
Rising from the piano, she stood aside so he could take it.
Charles shot her an assessing look as he stepped forward. “I have an idea, something that might enhance your enjoyment of the piece.”
He crooked one arm around her waist, then bent to hook the other behind her knees. She squeaked a protest as he lifted her against his chest. Flexing his fingers in the flimsy material along her rib cage, he savored the warm supple body beneath his hands.
Striding down the side of the piano, he swung Fortuna onto its lid. Seated upright with her legs stretched out, she wore a dumbfounded expression.
Charles tucked her nightgown around her limbs and stepped back. “Lie down, with your head toward the music stand.”
He then returned to the piano stool. Releasing the buttons of his jacket, he sat and ran through a set of scales to limber his fingers.
As the notes reverberated through the mahogany lid, Fortuna uttered a small cry of surprise and turned her wide, cat’s eyes his direction.
He grinned. “They say Beethoven was out one evening for a walk when he passed a cobbler’s shop and heard someone practicing one of his compositions. He went inside and found a blind girl struggling with the piece.”
Tentatively, Fortuna scooted forward, then laid down on her back with her arms at her sides. Bronze curls snaked through the music stand to hang over the keys. Spellbound, Charles stared at them. Then, swallowing hard, he cleared his throat and continued.
“Herr Beethoven offered to demonstrate how the piece was meant to be played. He became so caught up in the beauty of the moonlight falling through the open window on the blind girl that he went home and composed this sonata.”
With that, he began to play.
As Charles’ fingers flew over the keys, he let his gaze rest on the copper froth dangling just above his hands. He tried to imagine the sensations Fortuna was experiencing. How each keystroke pulsed through her body and sent vibrations quivering along her limbs. Especially when he came to the fast-paced, accentuated finale.
He ended the movement in one abrupt crashing stroke. Hands suspended above the keyboard, Charles waited for the last note to reverberate through the music room.
“Fortuna?” he quietly breathed.
She lay still, as thought she hadn’t heard him. At last it registered that the piece had ended. With a heartfelt sigh, she pulled herself upright.
Charles leaped to his feet. In two swift steps, he was beside the piano.
Fortuna swiveled toward him on her bottom, until her legs hung over the lid’s edge. She wore a dazed expression, like that of a well-loved, satiated woman.
Desire spiked through Charles. Deliberately, he pressed his chest against her knees, then slid the palms of both hands up over each rounded hip until he clasped her slender waist. Lifting her off the piano, he stepped away and let her slippers slowly slide to the floor.
Her legs seemed incapable of support. “That was…so…” she whispered breathlessly.
Fire burned a trail straight to his groin. Charles barely managed to stifle a groan. Unable to resist the sexual pull between them and accepting the inevitability of his actions, he lowered his head and captured Fortuna’s rosy mouth with his own.

KyAnn Waters/All Lycan's Eve


Ellora's Cave Publishing

Callie’s sweet cream coated his fingers when he parted her inner folds. He caressed her swollen and distended nubbin. “You’re so hot.” Her pussy was soaked. “Tell me you came looking for me tonight.”
“Yes,” she whispered. Liking the effect he had on her, he circled his thumb around her clit again. “The moment I saw you, I knew I wanted you.” She stilled. “You don’t live at home, do you?”
He chuckled. “No. Not for a long time now.”
She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth when he took the condom from her hand.
“I hope you’re sure?”
“Yes,” she said while watching him roll the latex glove over his cock. Holding the base, he spread her juices with the head. He breeched her opening. The silken walls of her cunt resisted.
Callie sucked in a sharp breath. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders. “Oh my! You’re huge.”
Kean locked his jaw, clenched his teeth, and stretched her opening. Her honeyed cream coated his shaft, scented the air, and eased his entry into her welcoming channel. “So sweet.” Pressing deeper, easing back, to thrust a bit further, then her soft, swelled tissues completely devoured his cock. For a moment he stilled, buried to the hilt. He pulled out and drove deep again. Her hot folds enveloped him. Blood pounded in his ears.
“Oh yes, Kean! Harder! Faster.” She wrapped one leg around his hips and braced the other foot on a box. Arching, she angled her pelvis. Kean took fierce hold of her thighs, spread her wide, and watched his cock disappear into her body.
His heart hammered in his chest, threatening to break through his ribs. Never before had his cock swelled to such lengths. It was the difference between being buried deep in his mate rather than fucking a she-wolf. Sweat trailed down his spine. The muscles in his ass contracted.
Callie wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Still wearing her high heels and stockings, she hooked her ankles behind his back. The force of his thrusts slid her against the top of the box. The wet sounds of their bodies blended with heavy breathing.
Kean found her lips, sweeping her mouth with his tongue. Tangling and tasting. She moaned and he deepened the kiss, sucking her upper lip. His hand firmly kneaded the full globe of her breast and then he pinched the tightened nipple before rolling it between his fingers.
“Callie, you are my mate.” As he ran his hands up her sides, he felt each rib. Wrapping around to her back, he traced the feminine curves of her lower back to her shoulder blades. Her naked flesh was smooth beneath his calloused fingers. “Do you accept me?”
Her thighs shook and her ragged breathing grew shallow. “Oh yes!” Trembling with building tension, she reached for her orgasm. He grabbed onto her high heels and pushed her bent knees to her ears then fucked her hard, banging the head of his shaft against the top of her channel. Hot cream dripped from her pussy and from his balls. She tightened around his shaft.
Finally, her body crashed. The walls of her vagina milked his cock. A hot gush of fluid followed.
Unleashing the beast within, Kean stretched his neck and howled to the ceiling. His mouth watered as he began to shift. His canines lengthened to sharp points. Animal instinct overpowered human nature. Fierce growls vibrated his chest cavity. The need to dominate, make her submit…make her his bitch!
Dropping Callie’s feet, he pulled her close and sank his teeth into her shoulder. Canines pierced the soft flesh sinking deeply, tasting the salt of her skin. Blood filled his mouth. The metallic taste coated his lips, tongue and throat. Heat rushed through his veins energizing his blood and making him high. He locked his jaw at the same time his cock swelled within her body.

Callie’s scream died in her throat. Her fingers grabbed at the thick fur covering where there was once smooth muscular flesh. Blinding pain shocked her system and then a euphoric haze clouded her mind. Her body relaxed and stars erupted behind her eyes. In the darkened room, her touch told her what her eyes couldn’t.
Intoxicating, heavy scents of musk, male and sex permeated the air. Kean’s arms locked around her waist. Soft hair brushed against her exposed skin. She couldn’t twist her mind around what her hands clearly understood. She had brought out the animal in Kean.
And he’d bitten her!
Blood flowed warm down her back. The salt of her skin stung the wound. His cock still thrust in and out of her body in a frenzied rhythm. And damn it, he felt absolutely glorious. His teeth piercing her skin held her immobile. She clutched fists of fur. Damn, what was he and what had she gotten herself into? His shoulders were broader and although she couldn’t see, she knew he’d grown taller because her arms stretched to reach his neck. She had no choice but to hold on through the wild fucking.
Finally, in an explosion of energy, his body jerked with spasms as he rode his orgasm. His hold on her eased, but before she had a chance to scramble away, warm wet strokes of a soft, velvet tongue soothed the sting and the bite. His long tongue laved the wound. A tongue that felt nothing like the one he had in her mouth a few moments before, but still brought tingles to her skin. Her head swam with uncertainties. How could she be scared of him and yet hunger for more? The licks sent pulses into her nipples and into her vagina renewing the need to have him ravish her again.

Dakota Trace/Just Between Friends



“Do you know where your G-spot is, Bella?”
“It's a myth.” She looked at him as she couldn't believe what he had just said.
Seth slowly shook his head. “No, it's not. There is a sensitive spot inside your vagina, that will make you come like crazy, harder than you ever have.”
Oh, that's intriguing , but how do I find it? “Where is it?”
“It's usually on the upper wall, you probably haven't ever felt it because your fingers are too short to reach, but I have an idea, on how you could experience it, if trust me.”
Now, she looked at him with suspicion. Is he trying to pull a fast one?
“Hold out your hand, Bella.”
She did so, not understanding what his point was. She soon realized what he was trying to prove when he placed his palm against hers. His fingers covered and extended well beyond hers.
“It's a simple, Bella, my fingers are much longer than yours.”
“So I have short fingers.”
“Longer fingers mean more depth penetration.”
A light went off in her head when she realized what he was offering. “Seth! You want to, oh no, I can't.” Desire flared inside her and seconds later, she knew she was wet again.
“Shhh. They'll be like a dildo, only I can move them to reach that special spot you need stimulated. It will be like having a live dildo that you control.”
It was crazy but the idea of coming on Seth's fingers was turning her on. It seems like everything to do with him is having that effect on me! Am I slut?
“This is only another way to pleasure you, Bella. I promise to only do what you ask me to. You will call the shots. Any time you are uncomfortable, we'll stop. But feeling you come on my fingers will be the sexiest thing either of us could experience.”
Damn him, if he isn't right.
“I can't believe I'm going to do this.” Pulling his hand to her mouth, she sucked his first three fingers like tiny cocks to wet them for her pussy.
“I bet you do the same thing for your vibe, don't you?”
“Yeah. It has to be wet.” Panting, she moved his hand down between her splayed legs.
Seth was visibly excited again. “It's just like giving a blow-job, Bella. The way you wet my fingers and your vibe, is just like sucking cock. When your ready, I'll even let you do that to me.”
“Maybe.” She answered absently as she positioned his fingers the exact way she wanted them before slowly opening her folds, pressing them against her opening, and burying them in her moist heat.
As three of his fingers were slowly eaten up by her hungry pussy, Seth's eyes nearly popped out of his head. I can't believe how hot that looks and feels!
Bella took his wrist firmly and started moving his hand like she would her vibe. “Oh, Seth, you can reach much deeper.”
He nodded. Experimentally, he curved the tips of his fingers back towards him, pressing against the upper wall of her sheath.
“Oh yeah! That's the spot? Press harder, Seth, harder!” She moaned deeply as his fingers found her mythical g-spot. Her pussy started weeping even more juices as she fucked her slit on his fingers.
“That's it Bella, use my fingers to make yourself come.”
“Faster.” She yanked on his wrist and moaned with relief when he did. She couldn't stop her next command. “Wiggle them inside me, Seth!” Pushing her hips against his hand, she waited for him to do as she asked. She cried out in extreme pleasure as he did. “Yes, Oh God, yes!” She held his hand against her tightly and her orgasm seemed to rise out of her toes.
Seth watched, knowing she was eminently close to coming all over his fingers. He could feel her tight vaginal muscles gripping his fingers, and saw her beautiful eyes snap shut, she was focused solely on her approaching orgasm. Wanting her to enjoy it more, he slid his thumb over her swollen clit while wiggling his fingers as she had demanded.
“Seth!” She screamed like a wild thing, possessed by pleasure. “Kiss me, damn it.” Her plea was followed by a groan and familiar quivering that signified her release was near.
Seth captured her mouth with his just as she bowed off the bed. His kiss muffled her scream. Tearing his mouth away hers, he watched as his best friend convulsed on his buried fingers. Groaning himself, he rubbed his now hard cock against her leg.
“YES!” She screamed as her clit exploded once more under his firmly rubbing thumb. One orgasm obviously wasn't enough to tame her pent-up desire for him, as another rolled through clamping pussy.
* * * *
Both Bella and Seth lay on the bed breathing hard as the world calmed and righted itself. Seth could still feel the warmth of her wet folds around his still fingers as he was still inside.
“Thanks, Seth, that was intense. I guess it's not a myth after all, and I would never have thought to try to find it without you.”
“No thank you, I thought I was going to go crazy if I didn't get some relief. You are beautiful when you orgasm.”

John Simpson/Murder Most Gay


Dreamspinner Press

Dean moved and I felt his tongue on the nape of my neck and he slowly ran his tongue down my spinal column, not even stopping at the crack of my ass, but continuing into
the soft crevice between my ass cheeks.

When his tongue hit my hole I felt a shock go through my entire system and I literally banged my head into the headboard of the bed. I heard Dean moan as he used his
tongue, expertly eating out my ass, and dragging his tongue all the way
down the rest of the crack until he once again hit my balls with his
mouth. At that point I was spread eagle as far as I could; I wanted him
to have anything he wanted, and I wanted to be fucked by this man. He
was making me feel things that no other man had ever made me feel
before. As he returned to rimming me I heard the telltale sound of the
rubber package being opened, and the squirt sound of lube. I knew that
I was about to be impaled on his magnificent manhood and I was
determined to take it like a man.

My asshole was soaked with saliva from Dean’s mouth and then I felt a finger being inserted into my anus. I involuntarily shoved my ass toward it. The felt incredibly good and
only served to set me on fire.

Dean was adding lube to my anal canal and then I felt his hot
breath on my neck and at my ear as he whispered, “Are you ready to
take all of me, Pat?”

“Yes, please, fuck me; fuck me hard and long, Dean. I want
you deep inside of me,” I begged.

I felt the first contact with the head of his dick as he pushed
gently against my hole. I tried to remember all the things that I had
told guys that I had fucked in the past: just relax, breathe deeply, don’t
tense up, and enjoy it.

I felt the fat head of his dick pop past the tight muscle. At that
point, it was a matter of slowly sliding his massive cock up my ass,
allowing myself to adjust to the intruder that was in full penetrating
mode. I felt as if I was full as he slid all of his manhood into my ass
and even felt my prostate gland nudged. Finally I felt his bush against
my ass cheeks and his balls rested on top of my ass.

“Are you all right, Pat?” he asked.

“Yeah, Dean, for someone who has just had a light pole shoved
up his ass, I’m doing remarkably well.”

After I felt fully adjusted to Dean’s cock, he started the slow
rhythm of fucking and once I relaxed, I was totally captivated by the
dominance and the giving up of my most personal sexual gift to this
handsome man. He kept the tempo slow at first, making sure I was not
in pain, and then picked up the pace. I must admit, I could have
used more lube as there was some discomfort due to his size. As if he
was reading my mind, he pulled all the way out and I heard a sucking
sound when his dick left my ass.

“Turn over, Pat,” Dean commanded, and I did as I was told. I
saw him applying a liberal amount of lube to his massive cock and then
he threw my legs over his shoulders and slowly reinserted his cock into
my ass.

As he slid the entire shaft in, he looked into my eyes, and said,
“I want to watch your face and look into your eyes as I thoroughly fuck
you tonight,” he said with a heavy salty lust in his voice. My legs were
in the air and Dean started to fuck my ass in a very serious, intent
manner. I felt every thrust as he gained speed, pounding my ass for all
that it was worth. I found myself urging him on to “Fuck me harder,
fuck me like you mean it,” which told me I was in total heat. Dean had
no trouble complying with my order and now pounded my ass like a
piston engine, drawing out almost all of his ten inches and thrusting it
all back into my ass up to his pubes.

My cock bounced around fully erect as if it was a limb of a tree in a windstorm. I grabbed my cock but was afraid that if I stroked it some that I would cum and that would ruin
my ability to take the punishment Dean was handing out at the end of
his penis. Once again, he pulled out with the same sucking noise.

“Get on all fours, Pat, I’m going to fuck you like a dog,” he
ordered, his voice fully consumed by passion and raw sexuality.

I did as I was told and this time he inserted his dick into my ass without
wasting any time. Once again he quickly turned into a piston fucking
machine and my balls were slapping against my thighs from the
pounding of Dean’s cock. My ass was taking a pounding that it had
never experienced before and I wondered if I would in fact be able to
withstand a full fucking from this man. I could tell by his moans of
pure pleasure and the speed of his thrusts that he might be nearing an
end, and I could only hope that he was at that point. He had been
fucking me silly for over twenty minutes and my ass was wearing out,
but I held on. Finally, Dean shoved his cock in and out slowly but
forcibly three or four times and I heard him moan and literally yell out
my name as he came for what seemed like a full minute. Dean
collapsed in a heap upon my back, panting hard as if he had been
running a two-mile sprint.

Leigh Savage/Angel of Death


Create Space

Mika lay in bed totally naked, waiting for Domonic to arrive home. She’d arranged candles around the bed so the soft light glowed on the bed. A bottle of champagne and chocolate strawberries laid on the nightstand beside the bed. She heard the soft thud of the doorand the footsteps that followed.
Domonic could see the soft light coming from the bedroom. Quietly he entered the room to find Mika lying before him. Instantly he was aroused at the mere sight of her. No other woman could ever do this to him. In the past he’d always gotten bored with woman fast. He didn’t quite know what made Mika so different but he couldn’t see himself getting bored with her. Slowly he took off his suit jacket, letting it fall to the floor as he walked closer to the bed.
“Did you miss me?” He asked huskily as he continued to remove his clothing.
“I think you know the answer to that.” She answered seductively as her hand trailed down over her breast, down to the core of her desire. Slowly her fingertips traced over her own need feeling the throbbing pulse of her desire.
Domonic was enthralled with watching her touch herself playfully.
“Do you like what you see?”
“I think you know the answer to that.” He answered licking his lips.
“Thirsty?” Mika asked seductively.
“Quite thirsty.” He replied.
“Have a drink.” She said softly. While she pointed towards the night stand.
Domonic looked at the champagne sitting on the night stand. He moved around to the stand and opened the bottle. Instead of pouring it in the glasses laid out he brought the bottle up over Mika and poured the clear bubbly liquid over Mika’s body. Then he placed the bottle back down. He kneeled down on the bed over Mika bringing his lips to Mika’s flesh, lapping at the tangy liquid trickling over her body. Mika moaned and writhed as his tongue lapped over her sensitive flesh.
Mika couldn’t believe the sensations he was sending through her body. She started to remove her fingers from her desire when Domonic pushed her hand back down making her fingers dip inside her. Gently he urged her to move her finger in and out of herself. Mika writhed in pleasure as his lips and her fingers seemed to work a magic of their own. Just when she’d thought it couldn’t get any better he slipped one of his own fingers deep inside her. Their fingers touching as they worked the eternal rhythm of her desire. At the new sensation she cried out in release. At the same time, Domonic nipped at her nipple, sending pain and pleasure pounding through body, sending her further over the edge. Mika laid there relaxed, eyes half closed when she felt Domonic’s own desire enter deep inside her, stroking her burning need into a new frenzy. They each thrust seeking their own
fulfillment as their bodies moved as one, until they both cried out in pure ecstasy.
Domonic kissed Mika’s throat softly as he rolled off her. He then pulled her in his embrace. So that her head lay on his shoulder and his arm was wrapped around her. He laid another kiss on her forehead. “Mika.” He whispered softly. No answer came. He listened closely. All he could hear was her even breathing. He knew then that she’d fallen asleep.

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