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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Joanna Waugh/Blind Fortune


Cerridwen Press

“It must have been difficult learning to play the pianoforte by ear,” Charles observed in a neutral tone.
Her slender shoulders rose and fell. “Yes. But since I could neither stitch nor paint, music was my only creative outlet.”
“That explains the reason you initially learned to play, not why you continue to do so.”
“It’s necessary now. A part of my soul,” Fortuna whispered. “My…” Her voice trailed off.
“Passion?” Charles finished.
Her brows knitted together. “And you, my lord. I understand from Richard that you also play.”
He feigned a dramatic sigh. “I thought we agreed you’re to call me Charles.”
“Very well.” Her chin lifted a fraction higher. “Why do you love music, Charles?”
“I took up the harpsichord and later the pianoforte, to irritate my father. He thought it an unmanly occupation.”
Only Richard knew the truth. That, as a boy, Charles used music to escape his lonely existence at Lowden Hall.
“Now I play because it pleases me.” His lips curled in a sardonic smile. “Have you never heard that, ‘Music has charms to soothe the savage breast. To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak’?”
Fortuna cocked her head as if hearing something beyond the mere words he’d spoken. “You think yourself a brute?”
“Rude, certainly. And sometimes cruel,” he drawled. “You, of all people, must agree with that assessment of my nature.”
Fortuna shook her head. A copper corkscrew cascaded over her shoulder and curled like a question mark around one breast. Charles gaped at it.
“You’re more of a knotted oak,” she finally said.
His skin prickled with low level panic. He’d spent a lifetime hiding behind cold disdain and arrogance, allowing no one a glimpse beyond that facade. Yet with guileless perception and uncanny accuracy, Fortuna had managed to pierce the protective shield Charles had erected.
A hunger to reveal more of the person at his core welled up, seeped through him and sunk soul-deep. Ruthlessly, he suppressed it.
“I take it you’re a student of the London School.”
She considered his words, then said, “Yes.”
They were conversing on two levels now. Instinct told Charles she recognized and accepted his inability to share more of himself at the moment. Relieved that she understood, he said, “I find Field’s sonatas rather one dimensional. Are you familiar with Herr Beethoven?”
Fortuna shook her head and, like a puff of smoke, the emotional tension between them dissipated.
Charles felt a twinge of regret at its passing. Out loud, he said, “His Quasi una fantasia—Almost a fantasy—is just as somber but much more full-bodied. I’d be honored to play it for you.”
Rising from the piano, she stood aside so he could take it.
Charles shot her an assessing look as he stepped forward. “I have an idea, something that might enhance your enjoyment of the piece.”
He crooked one arm around her waist, then bent to hook the other behind her knees. She squeaked a protest as he lifted her against his chest. Flexing his fingers in the flimsy material along her rib cage, he savored the warm supple body beneath his hands.
Striding down the side of the piano, he swung Fortuna onto its lid. Seated upright with her legs stretched out, she wore a dumbfounded expression.
Charles tucked her nightgown around her limbs and stepped back. “Lie down, with your head toward the music stand.”
He then returned to the piano stool. Releasing the buttons of his jacket, he sat and ran through a set of scales to limber his fingers.
As the notes reverberated through the mahogany lid, Fortuna uttered a small cry of surprise and turned her wide, cat’s eyes his direction.
He grinned. “They say Beethoven was out one evening for a walk when he passed a cobbler’s shop and heard someone practicing one of his compositions. He went inside and found a blind girl struggling with the piece.”
Tentatively, Fortuna scooted forward, then laid down on her back with her arms at her sides. Bronze curls snaked through the music stand to hang over the keys. Spellbound, Charles stared at them. Then, swallowing hard, he cleared his throat and continued.
“Herr Beethoven offered to demonstrate how the piece was meant to be played. He became so caught up in the beauty of the moonlight falling through the open window on the blind girl that he went home and composed this sonata.”
With that, he began to play.
As Charles’ fingers flew over the keys, he let his gaze rest on the copper froth dangling just above his hands. He tried to imagine the sensations Fortuna was experiencing. How each keystroke pulsed through her body and sent vibrations quivering along her limbs. Especially when he came to the fast-paced, accentuated finale.
He ended the movement in one abrupt crashing stroke. Hands suspended above the keyboard, Charles waited for the last note to reverberate through the music room.
“Fortuna?” he quietly breathed.
She lay still, as thought she hadn’t heard him. At last it registered that the piece had ended. With a heartfelt sigh, she pulled herself upright.
Charles leaped to his feet. In two swift steps, he was beside the piano.
Fortuna swiveled toward him on her bottom, until her legs hung over the lid’s edge. She wore a dazed expression, like that of a well-loved, satiated woman.
Desire spiked through Charles. Deliberately, he pressed his chest against her knees, then slid the palms of both hands up over each rounded hip until he clasped her slender waist. Lifting her off the piano, he stepped away and let her slippers slowly slide to the floor.
Her legs seemed incapable of support. “That was…so…” she whispered breathlessly.
Fire burned a trail straight to his groin. Charles barely managed to stifle a groan. Unable to resist the sexual pull between them and accepting the inevitability of his actions, he lowered his head and captured Fortuna’s rosy mouth with his own.

KyAnn Waters/All Lycan's Eve


Ellora's Cave Publishing

Callie’s sweet cream coated his fingers when he parted her inner folds. He caressed her swollen and distended nubbin. “You’re so hot.” Her pussy was soaked. “Tell me you came looking for me tonight.”
“Yes,” she whispered. Liking the effect he had on her, he circled his thumb around her clit again. “The moment I saw you, I knew I wanted you.” She stilled. “You don’t live at home, do you?”
He chuckled. “No. Not for a long time now.”
She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth when he took the condom from her hand.
“I hope you’re sure?”
“Yes,” she said while watching him roll the latex glove over his cock. Holding the base, he spread her juices with the head. He breeched her opening. The silken walls of her cunt resisted.
Callie sucked in a sharp breath. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders. “Oh my! You’re huge.”
Kean locked his jaw, clenched his teeth, and stretched her opening. Her honeyed cream coated his shaft, scented the air, and eased his entry into her welcoming channel. “So sweet.” Pressing deeper, easing back, to thrust a bit further, then her soft, swelled tissues completely devoured his cock. For a moment he stilled, buried to the hilt. He pulled out and drove deep again. Her hot folds enveloped him. Blood pounded in his ears.
“Oh yes, Kean! Harder! Faster.” She wrapped one leg around his hips and braced the other foot on a box. Arching, she angled her pelvis. Kean took fierce hold of her thighs, spread her wide, and watched his cock disappear into her body.
His heart hammered in his chest, threatening to break through his ribs. Never before had his cock swelled to such lengths. It was the difference between being buried deep in his mate rather than fucking a she-wolf. Sweat trailed down his spine. The muscles in his ass contracted.
Callie wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Still wearing her high heels and stockings, she hooked her ankles behind his back. The force of his thrusts slid her against the top of the box. The wet sounds of their bodies blended with heavy breathing.
Kean found her lips, sweeping her mouth with his tongue. Tangling and tasting. She moaned and he deepened the kiss, sucking her upper lip. His hand firmly kneaded the full globe of her breast and then he pinched the tightened nipple before rolling it between his fingers.
“Callie, you are my mate.” As he ran his hands up her sides, he felt each rib. Wrapping around to her back, he traced the feminine curves of her lower back to her shoulder blades. Her naked flesh was smooth beneath his calloused fingers. “Do you accept me?”
Her thighs shook and her ragged breathing grew shallow. “Oh yes!” Trembling with building tension, she reached for her orgasm. He grabbed onto her high heels and pushed her bent knees to her ears then fucked her hard, banging the head of his shaft against the top of her channel. Hot cream dripped from her pussy and from his balls. She tightened around his shaft.
Finally, her body crashed. The walls of her vagina milked his cock. A hot gush of fluid followed.
Unleashing the beast within, Kean stretched his neck and howled to the ceiling. His mouth watered as he began to shift. His canines lengthened to sharp points. Animal instinct overpowered human nature. Fierce growls vibrated his chest cavity. The need to dominate, make her submit…make her his bitch!
Dropping Callie’s feet, he pulled her close and sank his teeth into her shoulder. Canines pierced the soft flesh sinking deeply, tasting the salt of her skin. Blood filled his mouth. The metallic taste coated his lips, tongue and throat. Heat rushed through his veins energizing his blood and making him high. He locked his jaw at the same time his cock swelled within her body.

Callie’s scream died in her throat. Her fingers grabbed at the thick fur covering where there was once smooth muscular flesh. Blinding pain shocked her system and then a euphoric haze clouded her mind. Her body relaxed and stars erupted behind her eyes. In the darkened room, her touch told her what her eyes couldn’t.
Intoxicating, heavy scents of musk, male and sex permeated the air. Kean’s arms locked around her waist. Soft hair brushed against her exposed skin. She couldn’t twist her mind around what her hands clearly understood. She had brought out the animal in Kean.
And he’d bitten her!
Blood flowed warm down her back. The salt of her skin stung the wound. His cock still thrust in and out of her body in a frenzied rhythm. And damn it, he felt absolutely glorious. His teeth piercing her skin held her immobile. She clutched fists of fur. Damn, what was he and what had she gotten herself into? His shoulders were broader and although she couldn’t see, she knew he’d grown taller because her arms stretched to reach his neck. She had no choice but to hold on through the wild fucking.
Finally, in an explosion of energy, his body jerked with spasms as he rode his orgasm. His hold on her eased, but before she had a chance to scramble away, warm wet strokes of a soft, velvet tongue soothed the sting and the bite. His long tongue laved the wound. A tongue that felt nothing like the one he had in her mouth a few moments before, but still brought tingles to her skin. Her head swam with uncertainties. How could she be scared of him and yet hunger for more? The licks sent pulses into her nipples and into her vagina renewing the need to have him ravish her again.

Dakota Trace/Just Between Friends



“Do you know where your G-spot is, Bella?”
“It's a myth.” She looked at him as she couldn't believe what he had just said.
Seth slowly shook his head. “No, it's not. There is a sensitive spot inside your vagina, that will make you come like crazy, harder than you ever have.”
Oh, that's intriguing , but how do I find it? “Where is it?”
“It's usually on the upper wall, you probably haven't ever felt it because your fingers are too short to reach, but I have an idea, on how you could experience it, if trust me.”
Now, she looked at him with suspicion. Is he trying to pull a fast one?
“Hold out your hand, Bella.”
She did so, not understanding what his point was. She soon realized what he was trying to prove when he placed his palm against hers. His fingers covered and extended well beyond hers.
“It's a simple, Bella, my fingers are much longer than yours.”
“So I have short fingers.”
“Longer fingers mean more depth penetration.”
A light went off in her head when she realized what he was offering. “Seth! You want to, oh no, I can't.” Desire flared inside her and seconds later, she knew she was wet again.
“Shhh. They'll be like a dildo, only I can move them to reach that special spot you need stimulated. It will be like having a live dildo that you control.”
It was crazy but the idea of coming on Seth's fingers was turning her on. It seems like everything to do with him is having that effect on me! Am I slut?
“This is only another way to pleasure you, Bella. I promise to only do what you ask me to. You will call the shots. Any time you are uncomfortable, we'll stop. But feeling you come on my fingers will be the sexiest thing either of us could experience.”
Damn him, if he isn't right.
“I can't believe I'm going to do this.” Pulling his hand to her mouth, she sucked his first three fingers like tiny cocks to wet them for her pussy.
“I bet you do the same thing for your vibe, don't you?”
“Yeah. It has to be wet.” Panting, she moved his hand down between her splayed legs.
Seth was visibly excited again. “It's just like giving a blow-job, Bella. The way you wet my fingers and your vibe, is just like sucking cock. When your ready, I'll even let you do that to me.”
“Maybe.” She answered absently as she positioned his fingers the exact way she wanted them before slowly opening her folds, pressing them against her opening, and burying them in her moist heat.
As three of his fingers were slowly eaten up by her hungry pussy, Seth's eyes nearly popped out of his head. I can't believe how hot that looks and feels!
Bella took his wrist firmly and started moving his hand like she would her vibe. “Oh, Seth, you can reach much deeper.”
He nodded. Experimentally, he curved the tips of his fingers back towards him, pressing against the upper wall of her sheath.
“Oh yeah! That's the spot? Press harder, Seth, harder!” She moaned deeply as his fingers found her mythical g-spot. Her pussy started weeping even more juices as she fucked her slit on his fingers.
“That's it Bella, use my fingers to make yourself come.”
“Faster.” She yanked on his wrist and moaned with relief when he did. She couldn't stop her next command. “Wiggle them inside me, Seth!” Pushing her hips against his hand, she waited for him to do as she asked. She cried out in extreme pleasure as he did. “Yes, Oh God, yes!” She held his hand against her tightly and her orgasm seemed to rise out of her toes.
Seth watched, knowing she was eminently close to coming all over his fingers. He could feel her tight vaginal muscles gripping his fingers, and saw her beautiful eyes snap shut, she was focused solely on her approaching orgasm. Wanting her to enjoy it more, he slid his thumb over her swollen clit while wiggling his fingers as she had demanded.
“Seth!” She screamed like a wild thing, possessed by pleasure. “Kiss me, damn it.” Her plea was followed by a groan and familiar quivering that signified her release was near.
Seth captured her mouth with his just as she bowed off the bed. His kiss muffled her scream. Tearing his mouth away hers, he watched as his best friend convulsed on his buried fingers. Groaning himself, he rubbed his now hard cock against her leg.
“YES!” She screamed as her clit exploded once more under his firmly rubbing thumb. One orgasm obviously wasn't enough to tame her pent-up desire for him, as another rolled through clamping pussy.
* * * *
Both Bella and Seth lay on the bed breathing hard as the world calmed and righted itself. Seth could still feel the warmth of her wet folds around his still fingers as he was still inside.
“Thanks, Seth, that was intense. I guess it's not a myth after all, and I would never have thought to try to find it without you.”
“No thank you, I thought I was going to go crazy if I didn't get some relief. You are beautiful when you orgasm.”

John Simpson/Murder Most Gay


Dreamspinner Press

Dean moved and I felt his tongue on the nape of my neck and he slowly ran his tongue down my spinal column, not even stopping at the crack of my ass, but continuing into
the soft crevice between my ass cheeks.

When his tongue hit my hole I felt a shock go through my entire system and I literally banged my head into the headboard of the bed. I heard Dean moan as he used his
tongue, expertly eating out my ass, and dragging his tongue all the way
down the rest of the crack until he once again hit my balls with his
mouth. At that point I was spread eagle as far as I could; I wanted him
to have anything he wanted, and I wanted to be fucked by this man. He
was making me feel things that no other man had ever made me feel
before. As he returned to rimming me I heard the telltale sound of the
rubber package being opened, and the squirt sound of lube. I knew that
I was about to be impaled on his magnificent manhood and I was
determined to take it like a man.

My asshole was soaked with saliva from Dean’s mouth and then I felt a finger being inserted into my anus. I involuntarily shoved my ass toward it. The felt incredibly good and
only served to set me on fire.

Dean was adding lube to my anal canal and then I felt his hot
breath on my neck and at my ear as he whispered, “Are you ready to
take all of me, Pat?”

“Yes, please, fuck me; fuck me hard and long, Dean. I want
you deep inside of me,” I begged.

I felt the first contact with the head of his dick as he pushed
gently against my hole. I tried to remember all the things that I had
told guys that I had fucked in the past: just relax, breathe deeply, don’t
tense up, and enjoy it.

I felt the fat head of his dick pop past the tight muscle. At that
point, it was a matter of slowly sliding his massive cock up my ass,
allowing myself to adjust to the intruder that was in full penetrating
mode. I felt as if I was full as he slid all of his manhood into my ass
and even felt my prostate gland nudged. Finally I felt his bush against
my ass cheeks and his balls rested on top of my ass.

“Are you all right, Pat?” he asked.

“Yeah, Dean, for someone who has just had a light pole shoved
up his ass, I’m doing remarkably well.”

After I felt fully adjusted to Dean’s cock, he started the slow
rhythm of fucking and once I relaxed, I was totally captivated by the
dominance and the giving up of my most personal sexual gift to this
handsome man. He kept the tempo slow at first, making sure I was not
in pain, and then picked up the pace. I must admit, I could have
used more lube as there was some discomfort due to his size. As if he
was reading my mind, he pulled all the way out and I heard a sucking
sound when his dick left my ass.

“Turn over, Pat,” Dean commanded, and I did as I was told. I
saw him applying a liberal amount of lube to his massive cock and then
he threw my legs over his shoulders and slowly reinserted his cock into
my ass.

As he slid the entire shaft in, he looked into my eyes, and said,
“I want to watch your face and look into your eyes as I thoroughly fuck
you tonight,” he said with a heavy salty lust in his voice. My legs were
in the air and Dean started to fuck my ass in a very serious, intent
manner. I felt every thrust as he gained speed, pounding my ass for all
that it was worth. I found myself urging him on to “Fuck me harder,
fuck me like you mean it,” which told me I was in total heat. Dean had
no trouble complying with my order and now pounded my ass like a
piston engine, drawing out almost all of his ten inches and thrusting it
all back into my ass up to his pubes.

My cock bounced around fully erect as if it was a limb of a tree in a windstorm. I grabbed my cock but was afraid that if I stroked it some that I would cum and that would ruin
my ability to take the punishment Dean was handing out at the end of
his penis. Once again, he pulled out with the same sucking noise.

“Get on all fours, Pat, I’m going to fuck you like a dog,” he
ordered, his voice fully consumed by passion and raw sexuality.

I did as I was told and this time he inserted his dick into my ass without
wasting any time. Once again he quickly turned into a piston fucking
machine and my balls were slapping against my thighs from the
pounding of Dean’s cock. My ass was taking a pounding that it had
never experienced before and I wondered if I would in fact be able to
withstand a full fucking from this man. I could tell by his moans of
pure pleasure and the speed of his thrusts that he might be nearing an
end, and I could only hope that he was at that point. He had been
fucking me silly for over twenty minutes and my ass was wearing out,
but I held on. Finally, Dean shoved his cock in and out slowly but
forcibly three or four times and I heard him moan and literally yell out
my name as he came for what seemed like a full minute. Dean
collapsed in a heap upon my back, panting hard as if he had been
running a two-mile sprint.

Leigh Savage/Angel of Death


Create Space

Mika lay in bed totally naked, waiting for Domonic to arrive home. She’d arranged candles around the bed so the soft light glowed on the bed. A bottle of champagne and chocolate strawberries laid on the nightstand beside the bed. She heard the soft thud of the doorand the footsteps that followed.
Domonic could see the soft light coming from the bedroom. Quietly he entered the room to find Mika lying before him. Instantly he was aroused at the mere sight of her. No other woman could ever do this to him. In the past he’d always gotten bored with woman fast. He didn’t quite know what made Mika so different but he couldn’t see himself getting bored with her. Slowly he took off his suit jacket, letting it fall to the floor as he walked closer to the bed.
“Did you miss me?” He asked huskily as he continued to remove his clothing.
“I think you know the answer to that.” She answered seductively as her hand trailed down over her breast, down to the core of her desire. Slowly her fingertips traced over her own need feeling the throbbing pulse of her desire.
Domonic was enthralled with watching her touch herself playfully.
“Do you like what you see?”
“I think you know the answer to that.” He answered licking his lips.
“Thirsty?” Mika asked seductively.
“Quite thirsty.” He replied.
“Have a drink.” She said softly. While she pointed towards the night stand.
Domonic looked at the champagne sitting on the night stand. He moved around to the stand and opened the bottle. Instead of pouring it in the glasses laid out he brought the bottle up over Mika and poured the clear bubbly liquid over Mika’s body. Then he placed the bottle back down. He kneeled down on the bed over Mika bringing his lips to Mika’s flesh, lapping at the tangy liquid trickling over her body. Mika moaned and writhed as his tongue lapped over her sensitive flesh.
Mika couldn’t believe the sensations he was sending through her body. She started to remove her fingers from her desire when Domonic pushed her hand back down making her fingers dip inside her. Gently he urged her to move her finger in and out of herself. Mika writhed in pleasure as his lips and her fingers seemed to work a magic of their own. Just when she’d thought it couldn’t get any better he slipped one of his own fingers deep inside her. Their fingers touching as they worked the eternal rhythm of her desire. At the new sensation she cried out in release. At the same time, Domonic nipped at her nipple, sending pain and pleasure pounding through body, sending her further over the edge. Mika laid there relaxed, eyes half closed when she felt Domonic’s own desire enter deep inside her, stroking her burning need into a new frenzy. They each thrust seeking their own
fulfillment as their bodies moved as one, until they both cried out in pure ecstasy.
Domonic kissed Mika’s throat softly as he rolled off her. He then pulled her in his embrace. So that her head lay on his shoulder and his arm was wrapped around her. He laid another kiss on her forehead. “Mika.” He whispered softly. No answer came. He listened closely. All he could hear was her even breathing. He knew then that she’d fallen asleep.

K.C. Sehlhorst/Maggie's Angel


E Red Sage

He climbed in the bed next to her. His fingers lightly brushed the scars in a knowing way. He had a few himself.
“Bullets,” her voice softly whispered.
It shocked him that she was awake and didn’t say anything when he crawled in with her. “I know.”
Her skin was soft. It felt great to touch someone again.
“You died.”
He wanted to chuckle or laugh at her obvious observation. “I’ve done that a few times.”
So many questions had to be running through her mind. The situation and the events that had placed her in his bed were outrageous and confusing. Still her blue eyes were clear and focused strangely on him.
Her eyes squinted together and she turned to look at him. “You threw me out a window.”
He smiled and couldn’t help as a little chuckle escaped. The only complaint she had was being thrown out of a window.
“Yes, I did.”
“You died.” She said again.
The corners of his mouth twisted upward again. “We covered this.”
Finally she smiled and her entire face lit up. “You look very spry for a dead man.”
He laughed. Of all the things she could’ve said that wasn’t what he was prepared for. “I am.”
The scars caught his eye again. His fingers felt around the rough bumpy edge then the pit in the center of the one just above the waist band of her jeans. Scars told you of a person. Their pain, their life, if you listened or looked close enough even their likes and dislikes. She wore hers like a badge of honor. They were more rough than smooth saying she hadn’t done anything to get rid of them or lessen them in some way.
Her hand traveled up the disfigured skin on his chest. She seemed content touching him the same knowing way he was her. Her fingers slid up over his neck and entwined in his hair. Their eyes met as she pulled him down to her. It was interesting the way people bonded. Some did it over wine and flowers, others over heated arguments about some issue that they’re passionate about. For them it was the scars.
Her lips were warm and full, an eternity of conclusions in one kiss. She slowly pulled on his body until it was over her like the blanket she had discarded. The tender caress of his back sent powerful waves through him. There was nothing she could’ve done to excite him more.
The one thing he did know was that she wasn’t anything he had expected. Her hands caressed his back not even hesitating at the rough scars. He never imagined a woman would be so accepting of the deformity. When she got to the ones on his lower back heated shivers ran through him making him visibly shudder under her touch. Careful of her busted shoulder his arm slid under her hips pushing her against him. Her back arched and her luscious breast pressed against his bare chest.
He liked the way she responded to him, as if she were ice and he was the sun. As he kissed her it was so soulful it felt like two souls touching. She opened to him and moaned as his tongue toyed with hers. She faintly tasted of cotton candy and cheap whiskey. Somewhere in the back of his mind he reminded himself to get this woman the good stuff later.
The kissing alone was a piece of heaven, but he wanted more. No he needed more, but wasn’t sure where to take the next step or even if it was ok. It had been such a long time that he wasn’t certain he remembered how. Part of him was overjoyed when she made the decision for him. Her smooth hands slid down his back into his jeans, nails digging lightly into his ass cheeks pushing him even harder against her. He could feel her heat even through the thick cloth as she pressed him against her. The fact that the desire between them was mutual made his dick so hard that the material of the jeans hurt.
With her hair spilled around her she looked like an angel. Her face was radiant as it filled with the ecstasy of just his touch. Even her body seemed to glow. He left a little delicate kiss on her lips then down her neck. Her body did a slow jerk as he left a lingering kiss on the scar on her shoulder.
If she could purr she would’ve been doing it just from that. His lips trailed down between her breast and his body slid down hers. He seemed to find every scar she had and kissed every one as if in some way he was showing acceptance of them. Her skin tingled when his fingers brushed down her sides following him till they found the snap to her jeans.
Maggie moaned as she tried to stay still, but with every kiss of his full lips her body rose to meet him. Never in her life had a man treated her so gently. It aggravated and thrilled her at the same time. When he got her jeans undone she raised her hips so that he could slide them off. He took her underwear with the jeans tossing them somewhere that she didn’t see. A silly little grin of approval showed on his face when she slid her bra off and flung it to the side. He continued with his gentle way as he crawled back up her.
She could feel herself getting wetter by the second. His mouth sent the butterflies in her stomach to her throat at the same time his mustache and goatee tickled her skin. He seemed to notice and rubbed his chin against her belly button again. The smile grew as he lightly tickled her. Being tickled never felt so much like a caress. She wanted to chuckle and moan in pleasure at the same time.

Toni Sweeney/Sinbad's Last Voyage


Double Dragon Publications

In a flare of lightning, Andi stood in the cave entrance, wringing the water out of her hair.
"That was a stupid thing to do. Now, I'm soaked." She walked past him to the firestones. She was at the fire pulling off her boots. "I'd better get out of these wet clothes before I catch pneumonia."
"Andi, don't--" he began, only to have her interrupt in a teasing tone.
"Don't worry, Sin, I won't sit here naked and tempt you." She began to unbutton her shirt. "Would you hand me a blanket?"
He picked it up and wrapped it around her.
She caught the ends of the blanket, and held it in place with one hand, wriggling out of shirt and jeans. Hanging them on a protruding ledge of rock near the heat-stones, she said, "They should be dry by morning."
Sin turned away, afraid she'd see the hunger on his face. She touched his shoulder.
"Hey, are you okay?
"Am I okay?" he growled. "We're in the middle of a monsoon with enemy soldiers hunting us, and you want to know if I'm okay?"
She sat down, making certain the blanket was tucked in. "Yes, I do."
Taking a deep breath, Sin looked away. He couldn't be near her now, not when he wanted to wrap his hands in that wet, golden hair and crush it against his face, open his mouth and feel her sweet flesh against his tongue. He took two steps toward the cave mouth, only to whirl around.
"Yes! There's something wrong--very wrong."
"What?" She looked at the cave entrance, clutching the blanket. "The soldiers?"
"No. It-it's you and me." He couldn't look at her, and say it but as he turned his back, the words burst out, "I want you, Andi." She didn't say anything—shocked dumb, he supposed—and he went on, as if he couldn't say it fast enough, "I know you don't like me. I know you love your husband, but I can't help it!"
Two steps brought him back to her. Kneeling, he caught her by the shoulders, voice dropping to a whisper.
"I've never forced a female, but before God, I don't know how much longer I can stand this." His grip tightened—surely he was hurting her—but Andi just sat there staring at him. He imagined he saw disgust in her eyes. "Damn it!" He gave her a little shake. "Say something!"
"I love you, Sin."
"No. Don't say that!" He shook her again, sending the wet hair swinging. It struck his arms, stinging like the flick of a whip. "I won't want lies. I want relief."
"No--" her voice was soft. "--you want love."
She kissed him.
Almost viciously, he put his arms around her, falling against her onto the sleeping bag. Then, he was kissing her hungrily—cheeks, throat, chin—as if he feared she might comes to her senses and push him away. His long incisors grazed her underlip, his tongue brushed against hers.
One hand pulled the blanket away, sliding to her breasts. He nuzzled them, mouth seeking the pale softness, bruising delicate nipples with the roughness of his tongue, forcing a moan of pleasure from her, while Andi's hands caressed his shoulders, gently stroking the half-healed cuts.
An explosion of lightning seared the cave entrance. Thunder rolled through the ravine and the hillside shook. Suddenly, he released her and stood up, clawing at the white shirt, shredding the soft silk, tearing the black leathers as he pulled off both garments and tossed them aside. The firelight shone on his body, highlighting the tawny fur covering his chest, shadowing where it tapered to a thin line down his belly to spread at his groin.
Outside the storm crackled and grew. In its glare, Sinbad became a frightening creature, threatening and monstrous, and Andi—in what she knew must be total madness—wanted him more than she could bear.
He won't hurt me. Sin will never hurt me.
Claws unsheathed, he brushing his fingers down her midriff, stroking her belly, the deadly talons grazing the tender skin, mouth following, tongue fondling, planting kisses on the soft flesh, caressing the insides of the pale thighs. Suddenly, she was pushing him away, forcing him to lie back against the blanket while she leaned forward to nuzzle his face, planting a kiss below his ear.
There was a soft growl, so muted it surprised her and it came again and again as she kissed his chest, pressing her face against his fur. His skin smelled sweat-damp, the sweetness of the apple-scent clinging to it. She touched her tongue to the little red star and felt him tremble.
In a frenzy of entwining legs and searching mouths, he put his arms around her, rolling her onto the blanket, the deadly claws disappearing as he kissed her again to still the incoherent thoughts that were colliding in his mind. Lost in his passion, losing what little hold he had on his actions, he was ready, aroused manhood pressed between her belly, his own rut-scent mingling with hers. Andi's soft writhing body fueled his excitement.
Abruptly, he pushed away from her, hands on her shoulders, staring at her with eyes dilated to green-rimmed pits.
"Tell me now if you don't want me. In a few minutes, it'll be too late."
"Damn you, Sin!" Her cry was exasperation and longing. "You know I do!"
She reached up and caught the heavy braid, pulling him against her. He didn't try to think, didn't want to. She was willing, that was all that mattered.
With a growl that echoed off the cave ceiling, Sin took her.
She was his now, this wonderful female, opening to him, accepting him, their union complete. In the darkness, they moved together, wordlessly, totally one, until with a roar that broke deep in his throat, the release he had been wanting—and dreading—came.

Patti Shenberger/The Captain's Wench


Devine Destinies

She tasted sweet, like the strawberries she had consumed for her dessert. He wanted more, he needed more.
Tugging her t-shirt over her head, Alex let his gaze wander over her flesh. She was beautiful. The thoughts that filled his mind did nothing to compare with the woman before him. He brushed his fingers over the lace at her shoulder, nudging the strap down her arm, and then moved to do the same with the other strap.
Meg reached up and popped the clasp at the front of her bra, letting the sides fall apart. Alex quickly divested her of the undergarment. “You are beautiful, just as I knew you would be.”
She smiled shyly. “Thank you.”
He inclined his head and pressed a soft kiss to her lips. “You are very welcome, Miss Meg.”
She wound her arms around his neck, drawing him closer, as Alex fought for control. The sight of her bare flesh was playing havoc with his self control. Her sighs made him harder than he had ever been and he wanted the night to go no forever, not dissolve within the first few minutes. Pushing her back against the covers, he lowered his mouth to her breast. Laving the nipple, Alex swirled his tongue around the tight bud, suckling, and then nipping at it until Meg squirmed against him. “Alex, please.”
He had heard these words before from her and knew she desired him. Encouraged by her please, he lifted his head and focused on the other breast. Trailing his tongue across her sensitized skin, he suckled at the moist nipple, drawing it in his mouth.
“Yes, more please more.” Her hands were now on his back, tugging at his shirt, lifting it over his head and tossing it to the floor. “I want to feel you,” she whispered softly.
“Anything you wish, my love. You have only to ask.”
Meg stilled and looked up at him. “I want you to make love to me. Now Alex.”
His self control snapped at that moment. Her words shook his very soul. He knew he would do anything for her. Anything within his power. Reaching for the snaps on her trouser, Alex lowered the zipper and slid them from her legs; along with the scrap of lace she called a thong, baring her to his view. Then he ran his fingers across her leg, starting at her toes and working his way up across her knee, to her thighs, then between her legs to dip into her sex. She was wet, so very wet and Alex fought down the urge to take her right then and there.
No, he vowed to make this last. To make this an experience neither of them would forget for the rest of their lives.
Gently, he tugged her legs apart, and then knelt before her. Lowering himself to rest between her knees, he parted her with one finger, and then slid his tongue across her wetness. Slowly at first, then faster until she was crying out beneath him, her hands clutching at the bedcovers. Easing his finger inside, he felt her body clench. He pressed his mouth to her sex, teasing and swirling his tongue, then sucked gently.
Her thighs clasped his head as she cried out “Yes, yes.” He felt her release as clearly as if it were his own. He continued suckling her until the feel of her hands tugging at him drew him upward.
“That was wonderful.” She smiled at him and Alex felt a piece of his heart break.
She fumbled with the waistband of his pants, pushing at them until they too rested on the floor beside his shirt and her jeans. Her gaze raked over him and she gasped.
He chuckled. “Do I meet with your approval, Miss Meg?
She blushed. “Oh yes, most definitely. Now it’s my turn.”

Pushing him to his back, Meg straddled his thighs, her naked butt pressed against his skin. She ran her hands over his flesh, raking her nails across his nipples, then following it with her lips. She suckled his nipples, while her hands continued to torment his skin. The hard planes of his body turned her on more than she ever would have dreamt. Reaching between them, she cupped his balls, giving them a light squeeze. Beneath her Alex groaned.
She lifted her head. “Yes Alex.”
“As wonderful as that feels, I fear if it continues I will be forced to spill my seed in your hand.”
“Hmm, don’t want that to happen now, do we?” She caressed him again, this time cradling his cock within her hand, sliding it up and down, loving the velvety feel.
“Meg.” He growled.
“Fair is fair Alex.”
Sliding herself backward she knelt between his knees and took his hard cock in both hands. Meg then lowered her head and swirled her tongue across the rigid flesh. He tasted hot, and she wanted more. Opening her mouth, she slid her lips over the tip off him. His groans urged her on. His fingers were now buried in her hair, pressing her closer to his body. She sucked him, her own body responding in mind. She grew wetter and knew she couldn’t wait much longer.
She smiled up at him, and then shifted, slowly settling her weight across his thighs. “Make love to me Alex. Now.”
Slowly, she impaled herself on his cock. Her eyes closed, her head thrown back as she took him in. Riding him, feeling the sensations race through her body as she neared her climax.
Alex grasped her hips, lifting her and then bringing her down on his cock over and over. The wave built and Meg clenched her thighs. “Touch me Alex. Now, touch me now.”
He complied, sliding his finger into her wetness, stroking her, mimicking the motions his cock was making deep within her body. Meg felt her world spin out of control as she cried aloud.

Marty Rayne/Testing Passion


Phaze Publishing

Excerpt from Testing Passion by Marty Rayne
“You all right?” Damien asked leaning over Janet. Her eyes slowly opened and her lips curved into a soft smile.
“More than all right.”
“We aren’t done yet.” He smiled wickedly at her, his mind rushing with all sorts of scenarios. To have to decide on just one was a cruel pleasure. “I want you, Janet. I’ve got to have you now.” His mouth suddenly felt dry. Pulse raced. His emotions were spiking just watching her like this. The sight she made was incredibly erotic.
Janet didn’t verbally respond. Only licked her lips as a fire reignited in her eyes and nodded. That was his go-ahead. Damien stood and held out his hand to her.
“I want you on your hands and knees on the bed again.” He helped her up and over to the other side of the room. His knees were shaking from his yearning and needful cock. He could only imagine what her body was going through.
Snatching a glow-in-the-dark condom from the bedside table, he quickly slipped it on and positioned himself between her legs.
“Beautiful.” His hands lightly caressed her ass cheeks. The feel was silky and enticing. Damien played with the speed to the butt plug still buried within her body and took great enjoyment in the way she wiggled her ass and moaned. She was wet. He could see the moisture gathered around her folds and the opening of her pussy when she lifted her ass higher.
“Close your eyes, Janet.” He spoke softly. “Concentrate on the feel of the toy. How it is stretching you. How it feels when you move around. Remember your reaction to each change of speed.”
He couldn’t see her face from his position, but Damien was sure that she was doing as he instructed. Her breathing grew to become pants and her hips seem to take on a sensual rhythm. He growled and thrust his pelvis, lodging his cock into her pussy with one swift movement. Her slick wetness eased the progress, but she jerked at the motion and gasped.
Damien bit his bottom lip to keep from coming right then as the vibrating toy and the warmth of her body sent delightful jolts of pleasure up his spine. A deep rumble resonated from his throat. He’d never felt such bliss being with a woman as he had the past twenty-four hours. Damien denied the thoughts of losing her companionship, instead focusing on pleasuring her until she’d never forget him.
“Feel good?” Managed to get past through his clenched teeth. He wasn’t sure how long he could actually last at this rate. Quickly, he grabbed the remote to the plug and lowered the power.
Janet grunted, her hair bobbed around her head as she agreed, and lowered the top her body so that she rested on her elbows.
Understanding and taking cue from her actions, Damien pulled out until just his tip was inside before thrusting roughly in. She made a sound that was a cross between a yelp and mewl. Erotic, causing his cock to pulsate.
He did it again, twice more before he pulled her up by the shoulders until her back pressed to his chest. She tightened involuntarily around him.
“Yes. Please,” she whimpered. Her fingers were on his hips, nails biting into his flesh.
Knowing he couldn’t hold out much longer, Damien began pumping in and out of her. Fucking her. Gone was the gentleness as wild, raw need took over. Janet crooned, a song of arousing noises as she came once…twice…three times.
Damien himself fell over the edge of orgasm, crying out her name as he shuddered.
Heaven. This was pure paradise. Nothing could be sweeter as they lay together, his arms wrapped tight around her, cock flaccid and sated. Damien turned off the vibrator in the toy and kissed her neck as silence settled over them.
“You should write a book.” Janet broke the stillness several moments later.
“Really? About what?” He nibbled on the area connecting her neck and shoulder.
“Fifty ways to bring pleasure using a butt plug.”
Damien chuckled. “That was only two ways. I don’t think I’m that creative.”
Janet turned in his arms. “Remember how I said that I test a toy more than once?”
His left eyebrow rose. “Yeah.”
Her lips curved into a smile, the tilt spoke of mischief. “I’m sure we can find enough ways to fill a book.”
He rolled onto his back, right arm flung over his eyes. “You are really going to be the death of me.”
“Oh, but what a way to go.” She licked at his nipple, it extended for her touch.
She was correct. There could be no better way to leave this life than in her arms. If only he had the way to make it so.

Tonya Ramagos/Twin Games


Siren Publishing

Angelina knew how big Jason was. The cock inside her now, Jackson's cock, was large, thick and almost impossibly long. Though she hadn't broken out a tape measure, she knew Jason was even longer. Not quite as thick, but still too damn thick for her anus.
Jackson finally broke the suction he had on her mouth, pulling her head back with the grip he still had on her hair. She gasped, sucked in air, but before she could speak, Jason's finger slipped deeper into her anus. My God! The sensations that rocketed through her were both pleasure and pain. But it was an erotic sort of pain, an arousing pain that made her body burn and beg for more. Could she take more?
"You have such a beautiful ass," Jason whispered as his finger wiggled a little inside her, eased out a mere inch only to slither its way in again. "I really want to do more than play here, baby. Can I please do more than play?"
Her gaze locked with Jackson's. His grip on her hip loosened. The hand in her hair released and skimmed down her back to her waist. She could move now, but she was suddenly too afraid.
"Have you ever been touched here, baby?"
The mattress shifted behind her as Jason moved to straddle Jackson's legs. Then Jason's finger retreated once more only to be replaced by something much larger. The tip of his cock rubbed at the rim of her anus, and her body went rigid with fear.
"Jason!" His name burst from her lips, a cry of panic and surprise.
"It's okay, baby. I won't do it if you don't want me to. All you have to do is say no." To prove it to her, he didn't attempt to enter her. He simply continued to rub the tip of his cock over that sensitized hole, waiting for an answer.
Angelina knew he wouldn't do it. If she said no, he would back off and he wouldn't be angry or hurt. He would respect her wishes and find a different way for the three of them to pleasure one another. But she couldn't bring herself to say the word, couldn't make her lips form the word no. Was it possible she was going to let him do this?
Jackson correctly read the mixture of fear and indecision in her eyes. "You'll love it," he told her in a voice of utter certainty. "But he won't do it if you tell him not to."
"But you're still inside me." And wasn't that something she hadn't thought about until the words were out of her mouth? Yet, he was. Jackson's dick remained buried inside her vagina, and Jason wanted to put his cock in her ass! She'd heard about double penetration, read about it in books, even saw it in porn flicks. Okay, so that last was simply acting. She doubted those actors were really doing the full penetration thing for a television camera. Still, she knew it was possible but could her body take it?
Jackson simply smiled. Yes, he was still inside her and he obviously intended to remain there too.
"It's your call." Behind her, Jason caressed her back with a gentle palm, patiently waiting for her answer.
"Slow," she heard herself say and watched as a small part of her step to the side and raised her brows at that answer. "Take it slow."
"Oh, now she wants it slow." Jackson laughed.
Jason did take it slow, telling her to relax as he moved their bodies when necessary to make his dick fit inside her with Jackson's dick still in her vagina. It wasn't easy to relax when two large objects invaded her most intimate spots at once, but somehow she managed and she was glad for it. The spears of razor-sharp intensity that slashed through her body at the invasions made her mindless, drove her to the brink of orgasmic overload and beyond. Dear God! Was it possible to die from pleasure?
"Are you okay, baby?" Jackson asked. He was watching her, searching her face for any signs that they might be hurting her, that she wanted them to stop.
"Yes." She hissed the word and only then realized that it was true. She was okay. She was wonderful, fantastic, incredible! "It…feels…so…"
"Hold still, sweetheart. Let us do the work," Jason told her and began to move. He pushed his cock farther inside her anus, and her body fell down onto Jackson's dick, pushing him farther inside her pussy. The sensation of having them both inside her, filling her more than she could have ever imagined possible, was too much. They began to fuck her, Jason setting the pace with his thrusts into her ass, Jackson following with his pounding in her pussy.
Somehow during all the thrusting one of them, she couldn't tell which one and frankly no longer cared, managed to find her clit with the pad of his thumb and began a pressured massage. And she couldn't take it anymore. She exploded. There was no other word for it. She screamed, a sound of mind-blowing pleasure that left her body tingling, convulsing all over, heedless of any order she may have given it. She couldn't move a single muscle on her own. She was paralyzed.
Seconds later she heard Jackson's grunted release at nearly the same time that she felt Jason's thrusts slow into her anus as he reached his own climax. She fell on top of Jackson, the quick movement effectively dislodging Jason's dick from her ass. Jason fell too, breathless and exhausted on the bed beside her and Jackson. Minutes, hell, maybe even hours, passed before any of them attempted to move.
Jason's hand idly caressed her shoulder as Jackson's arms wrapped around her lower back. Her head lay on Jackson's chest facing Jason, and she slowly opened her eyes to find him staring at her, grinning from ear to ear. Damn him. She laughed.

Donna Marie Rogers/There's Only Been You


The Wild Rose Press

Mike rolled backwards and sat up, pulling her with him. He lifted her and grasped the hem of her dress with both hands. Meeting his gaze, she lifted her arms. In one fluid motion, he pulled the dress up and over her head.
Sara had been feeling extremely self-confident up until now. But straddling his lap, completely naked, she suddenly felt vulnerable and unsure. It’d been so long since they’d made love—since he’d seen her body. She was eight years older, had given birth to their son. Would he still find her as attractive as he used to?
“You’re even more beautiful than I remembered,” he said, as if reading her mind. He reached up and cupped the back of her head, caressing her cheek with his thumb while his other hand massaged the gentle curve of her back. “I’ve never wanted a woman more.”
Sara closed her eyes and turned her face into his caress. “Mike,” she whispered, silently cursing the tears that threatened to spill. He would, of course, think something was wrong, when in fact nothing had ever felt more right. She loved this man. Always had—no doubt always would. “I want you, too. Please, I can’t wait another second.”
Mike took her mouth in a near savage kiss and once again turned her onto her back. He peeled off his sweats and boxer briefs in one smooth motion, tossing them onto the floor.
As their lips and tongues mated, she worked her hand between them, curled her fingers around his erection and squeezed gently.
Mike rocked back. “Slow down, honey, or I’ll never make it inside you.”
Sara smiled, loving the feel of power that gave her. She ensnared him in her grasp again, moving her hand slowly, as he’d asked, stroking him up, circling the head with the pad of her thumb.
“Christ,” he muttered, gathering both her wrists in one hand and pulling them up over her head. With his other hand, he traced a fiery path down her stomach, through the triangle of soft red curls. His middle finger sought and found her clitoris—which was already wet and swollen—and stroked softly. He leaned in and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.
She cried out, her back arching.
“Calm down, honey. Relax,” he whispered.
“I want you inside me, Mike. Now. Please.”
He slowly worked his finger into her slick passage. She cried out again, convulsing around him, her hips moving in desperate rhythm.
“My God, sweetheart, I didn’t know you were so close,” he rasped against her neck. He withdrew his finger, positioned himself over her and slid inside. The contractions of her orgasm were enough to put Mike right over the edge. He pumped himself into her several times before joining her on the other side, his shout of satisfaction muffled against her throat.
The rhythmic cadence of their hips slowed and then stopped. Mike lay on top of her, his breathing heavy and ragged.
Sara’s eyes were closed, her arms clutched around his rib cage, her nails digging into the flesh of his back. She was breathing just as heavily as Mike. Unclenching her hands, she realized she’d left marks. Her fingertips smoothed over the indentations her nails had left, and a mewl of distress escaped her.
“Don’t worry, they’ll go away,” he said against her throat.
“I’m sorry. Does it hurt?” She tried to soothe the pain away with her fingertips.
“Not even a little bit.”
He lifted his head and gazed down at her. She smiled and pulled her knees up so that he was cradled between her thighs.
Mike immediately grew hard again inside her.
Satisfied, Sara pulled his head down for a kiss as her hips lifted against him, urging him to move.
Mike broke his mouth away to gaze down at her.
“What’s wrong?” she whispered.
“I want you to admit you love me, Sara. I want to hear the words.”
Half amused, half frustrated she said, “Isn’t it usually the woman asking for declarations of love after sex?”
“Is that all it was to you? Sex?”
“Okay, now you’re starting to worry me. What’s the matter with you? I thought things were going,” she gestured to the fact they were in bed together, “pretty good between us.”
He sighed and rested his forehead against hers. “They are. I’ve never been happier. My son is safe and sound in the other room. And his mother, the woman I love, is lying naked beneath me.”
She reached up with both hands to cup the back of his head as her calves wrapped around the backs of his thighs. Then she pulled his head down and kissed him soundly.
With his elbows braced on either side of her, Mike started moving his hips, slowly stroking in and out. Sara’s moved her hips in rhythm with his and dug her heels into his backside.
Mike tore his mouth from hers and leaned back, his thrusts becoming harder and faster. Sara’s hands were all over him, clutching at his back, his arms, his ass. She could feel the tension building and the sweet relief of another orgasm within her grasp.
“Mike, oh my God, Mike...” With a soft cry, she buried her face in the crook of his neck. I love you. I love you so much.
Sara bit gently into his neck and it was like a white-hot flame on dry kindling. His thrusts became frenzied. He covered her mouth with his own to swallow their cries of release as he pumped his seed into her.
Once the tremors subsided and their breathing returned to normal, Sara snuggled against him—safe and warm within the circle of his arms—and promptly fell asleep.

Marie Rochelle/Dangerous Bet: Troy's Revenge


Red Rose Publishing

“Please don’t do this to me. I can’t take it.”
“Do what?” he asked trailing his fingers all over the exposed skin beneath his. He would never grow tired of learning the shape of his woman’s body.
“Make me want you as much as I do. It isn’t fair,” Headley moaned scratching his back with her short nails.
The pain felt wonderful on Troy’s skin and drove him to make Headley his for the rest of their lives. If this was the only chance they got to make love, then he wanted it to be imprinted on her mind forever. Lifting Headley up, he completely stripped her out of the dress and tossed it over his shoulder near the pool. He didn’t care where it landed because she wouldn’t need it for a while.
“You’re so damn perfect,” he uttered running his palms over Headley’s breasts. Her nipples were so hard that they felt like hard pebbles to his palms. “I’m going to love making love to you for the rest of the day.”
Trailing his fingers down the sides of Headley’s firm breasts, Troy covered the top and nipples with tiny kisses. The low moan from Headley’s mouth pushed him to draw it further into his mouth with a slower sucking motion. He gently eased her back down on the cushioned seat
His hand traced a path from Headley’s abdomen, down her legs until he could push her silky thighs apart. He settled between them and almost lost control as the tip of his cock brushed against her warm, wet entrance.
“Oh,” Headley closed her eyes and purred in the back of her throat. “You feel so good. God, I want more.”
“No,” he replied. “I’m not giving in to you until I’m good and ready. I’ve waited too damn long for this. I want you just as hungry as I am.”
Headley’s eyes snapped opened and she stared at him. “You’re going to make me beg for sex?”
“Sweetheart, I wouldn’t do anything of the sort,” he smiled. “I’m just going to have you so hot that the only thing that can put out your fire is my cock in your tight little body.”
Troy’s mouth captured Headley’s before she could say a word. He slid his tongue into her mouth in pure masculine possession. He wasn’t going to let her forget who she was with. No other man was going to stay in Headley’s mind after today. Cupping her firm ass in his hands, he pulled her closer to his body as the tip of his erection slid into her. Her body sucked at him like she had been without a man for years.
A tiny tremor went through his body as soft hands threaded into his hair. Then Headley arched her body, giving him the silent signal that she wanted him to continue with what he was doing.
“Gorgeous,” he breathed against her moist mouth. “I knew you would feel like this in my arms.” He tugged her bottom lip between his teeth and nibbled. Under him, Headley wigged her butt in his hands.
Capturing her chin in his hands, he made her look at him. “Do you want more? Do you want to feel me deep inside of you?”
“You already know the answer to that,” she whispered, softly.
“Tell me what you want. I don’t want to make any mistakes about this. No regrets when this is over.” Hell, he wasn’t about to let her go after this. Headley was definitely going to marry him after this. Another man wouldn’t ever see her like this and if one tried, he would kill him.
Passion coursed through his body. After all of these years, he was finally getting to live out his dream. Unless Headley had a change of mind because no matter how crazy he was in learning what made her stunning body click, he would stop if she told me to.
“Tell me,” he uttered brushing his cock against her.
A pink tongue came out and moistened Headley’s lips. “Tell you what,” she moaned.
“Don’t play with me. My patience is barely there as it is. Tell me now.”
“You… I want…no, need you.”
“Doll, I thought you would never ask,” Troy growled as he quickly repositioned his body so that his mouth replaced his cock.
Headley jerked at the feel of Troy’s tongue licking the juices from her body. “OMIGOD,” she screamed trying to squirm away from his seeking lips. “You’ve got to stop. I can’t take it.”
Ignoring her protests, he spread Headley’s thighs further apart and kept licking at the cream pouring from her body. He couldn’t get enough of her. She tasted sweeter than honey and better than the richest chocolate in the world. He wasn’t about to stop until he got his full.
All Troy could think about was making Headley’s body love him as much as he wanted her heart to. He might have to win her body over first, but he didn’t give a damn. In the end, Headley would be his for the rest of their lives and she wasn’t going to be able to fight him anymore.
Keeping her thighs where he wanted them, Troy ate at Headley like a prisoner being served his last meal. He didn’t flinch when she grabbed a handful of his hair and pressed him even closer to her wet entrance. In fact, it pushed him to lick and suck even harder.
“Troy! God, don’t Stop!” Her orgasms filled his mouth and he didn’t stop until every last delicious drop was gone from her thrashing body.
“Oh, baby….you taste so fucking good,” he moaned licking the side of Headley’s legs before kissing his way back up her body. “I can’t wait until I’m inside of you.”

Luxie Ryder/For One Night Only


Siren Publishing

‘Ignore it,’ Bethany panted some hours later, frustrated by the ringing phone. She had pounced on his body as soon as he’d got back, and had no intention of sharing him with anyone for the next hour or so.
Ruben seemed to comply, his continued thrusting showing he had no intention of disobeying her. Her hands on his ass urged him deeper, giving him no choice. Hooking a leg over his calf possessively, she groaned in satisfaction, as his attention returned to her approaching climax.
‘Shit! I must answer it Beth. It could be important,’ Ruben apologized as the insistent ringing began to irritate and distract him. Rising up on his elbow, he grabbed for the receiver. ‘This better be good,’ he growled into the phone.
Bethany groaned. Was it too much to ask for some privacy? This was their first night in a proper bed for days and his staff knew how much he relished his free time. Byron’s voice barely reached her ears down the phone line. She heard him say he had rung to notify Ruben of last minute changes to the schedule and then began to run through them in a dull monotone.
Realizing it was nothing important, Ruben turned his attention back to her and grinned as he saw her biting her lip to avoid making any noise. Her hands drifted along his torso and she sat to lick at a nipple with a playful gleam in her eye. Reclining sinuously, she rolled her hips as she beckoned him back to her with a crooked finger. His barely suppressed gasp caused her to smile.
‘Will that be all?’ Ruben asked through gritted teeth. Byron voice droned on again.
Cupping the mouthpiece in his hand, Ruben kept the phone to his ear and gave her a hard thrust. Bethany’s eyes flew open and she stuffed a fist into her mouth to muffle her yelp. Again she rose. The arm supporting his weight shook uncontrollably as she slipped her tongue into his ear.
‘Ruben—are you still there,’ came the voice, loud enough for Bethany to hear.
‘Uh huh,’ He couldn’t speak. Bethany had shifted her weight up onto her elbows, grinding her pelvis against him. He threw his head back and she watched as the smooth column of his neck convulsed with his ragged panting. Trying to make her behave, he placed his weight on her, pinning her back down to the bed. Turning it to her advantage, he was again within easy reach and she wasted no time, reaching around him to push insistently at his butt, urging him into her again and again. Her teeth grasped his shoulder, as she tried to suppress the unmistakable sounds of a woman about to come.
‘Later,’ was all he managed to grunt into the receiver before slamming the phone in the general direction of the cradle. It slipped unheeded to the floor. Both hands now on her hips, he pulled her hard against him, thrusting rapidly. Ripping her mouth from his skin, she threw her head back and groaned loudly as her insides undulated around him. He rocked into her blindly a few more times before coming himself, very hard and very loud.
Lying at her side, spent and panting afterward, Ruben suddenly went quiet. Sitting up, he cocked his head, as if trying to hear something. Nudging her hard, he pointed wordlessly to the handset of the phone lying on the floor.
‘Hello? HELLO?’ it said in a tinny voice. ‘Are you there? Can you hear me?’
Bethany’s eyes widened and her hand flew to her mouth in mock horror as she began to laugh. Hitting her with a pillow, Ruben scooted to edge of the bed, retrieving the phone.
‘Byron? You still there?’ He stifled a snort. ‘Sorry about that. It was the TV. I must have sat on the remote,’ he lied. Bethany convulsed into a fit of the giggles as he tried to finish the call. Laughing out loud, he had to turn his back on her.

Giselle Renarde/Tangled Roots



“I love you, Moses,” she said in disbelief. “I love you.”
Kissing her forehead, Moses replied. “Maybe you do. And maybe you’re looking for something beautiful to counterbalance your pain. Either way, Simone, you are loved. You are worthy of love. I guarantee it.”
The tears she cried turned from tortured to awed, like when she used to cry in church, never knowing why. Running her hands across the prickly hair of his head, Simone pulled Moses in to take comfort in the warmth of his mouth. His tongue still tasted of black liquorice and of her. She kissed him hungrily, desperately, like she could consume his spiritual knowledge this way.
Simone expected him to push her away, ask her to stop, thinking she was too emotional. He didn’t. No, Moses kissed her back, wrapping her body in his tremendous arms, leaning her down until her hair touched the pine needles. Hungry for love in any form, in all its forms, Simone pulled off her clinging top. No more weeping. Her awe was silent now, and she wiped the traces of tears from her cheeks. Firelight kissed Moses’ skin, making him look like an angel in hell, while it warmed her naked breasts.
“I’m sure,” she whispered in anticipation of the question he seemed about to ask.
Her eager nipples piqued in expectation, pointing up to the greener-than-green treetops. An errant raindrop found its way through the cover overhead, bursting against her chest. The bristle of Moses’ hair excited Simone’s skin as he followed the rain down her breasts. There he worshipped, taking the luscious orbs in his hands as he pressed his beautiful face into them.
His soft mouth against her nipples sent a message, like an electrical current through her body. The feel of his wet tongue on her breasts ignited her pussy. With every nerve-ending Moses touched, new feelings of beauty awakened in her. He wrapped her in his protective arms, sucking at her breasts. The dew of his mouth on her skin made her body bloom like a patch of white trillium flowers. In her mind, she could see pure white petals bursting through every precious green bud in the forest. The sun and rain together inspired new birth. As Moses planted loving kisses across her chest, a drop of crystal rain kissed her forehead. It flowed like holy water through her hair, cleansing her guilty conscience. Simone’s eyes opened wide. She was awakened.
“Grab the travel kit?” Simone requested.
Moses threw her an odd glance as he reached out for it. When he saw what she’d packed, he chuckled and clicked his teeth like she was a naughty puppy. “You planned this,” he accused, pulling a condom from the container.
Still awed at the experience, Simone replied, “I only planned to have sex with you, not to feel this miraculous. Do you know how I feel with you, Moses? Like my body has roots in the earth beneath me and I’m reaching up to the sky with both hands. My heart is expanding.”
The embracing expression on Moses’ face was too much to bear. “I can’t believe I just said all that.” She shook her head, running her hands along his expansive shoulders. “It sounds so silly.”
Moses said nothing, gazing beyond her eyes and deep inside her spirit.
More grounded than she’d felt in years, Simone pulled his bathing suit down with her toes. Deep in her throat, she giggled. “Get these off!” Heart racing, she sensed that old wolfishness rising as Moses pinched the top of the condom, sliding it down his thick shaft. God, there was nothing more appealing than a strong male grasping his erect penis, getting ready to slip that sheathed meat inside her.
“I don’t usually never let the guy be on top,” Simone admitted. “I’m always in the power position.”
Moses nodded, rubbing his shaft reflectively.
“We can compromise, then,” he offered, setting a warm hand on her hip. Sympathetic to his desire, Simone rolled onto her side, facing the hot flames. He sank in behind her, the strength of his chest supporting her back. The earthy, rocky scent of his flesh was so delicious she could almost taste it. Steady as clockwork, hard as his rock art, he infiltrated her happy pussy. Hips rocking against her ass, he kissed her neck with the tenderness of a teddy bear.
The big hands holding her steady strayed upwards, meeting her breasts with welcome familiarity. Tracing his thumb across one nipple, he squeezed the other until Simone couldn’t keep herself from thrusting back against him. Oh, that hot friction! It was everywhere. His cock was stroking every cell of her cunt, and they were all screaming for more. But all the teasing and squeezing against her nipples was making her clit oh-so needy.
Like a psychic, Moses released one nipple, still moulding and sculpting the other breast. Down her stomach his hand travelled, down through the prairie of her pubic hair, until reaching its destination. Her clit stood at attention, laden with nectar, as he stroked it. Slow and steady, slow and steady. Each pass made her pelvis hop and her pussy clamp down on the big cock inside it. But slow and steady only works to get things warmed up, and warm-ups were done.
Grasping at his cock like thousands of screaming fans, her pussy muscles tightened and clenched as Simone threw her ass back against beautiful Moses. “Fuck me hard!”
Moses thrust at double speed, squeezing her entire mound in his hand as he ploughed into its slit. He kissed her neck. He bit her shoulder. Simone grasped handfuls of pine needles, releasing the earthy scent of the soil underneath, as every muscle in her body tensed. Tense, tense, tense, then… Ah! Release. Pure pleasure. All that tension, just gone in a swirling mass. Gone, and nothing but perfect peace remained as Moses held her, breathing hard against her back.

Lillith Payne/The Viking Savior


Cobblestone Press

For long quiet moments they watched the rest of the party ride away, disappearing into the distance. The fact they were alone in the forest wouldn’t remain private, but Esme didn’t care what the gossips said.
When they were finally gone from sight they both moved back under the tree. Esme leaned against it, and Ulrich rested his head in her lap. She sifted her fingers through Ulrich’s blond hair, marveling at how much the texture reminded her of Eric.
“He’s a fine boy, Esme. He has fear but within limits. I’m glad you didn’t coddle him.”
“How could I?” she asked with a smile. “It would have been like trying to coddle you!” It was an accurate statement.
“I could think of a few times when you could take me into it.”
She slipped down further, curious. “Tell me when and how?”
Ulrich grinned at the subject change.
“I’ve always imagined swimming with you, yet you say the water’s too cold.”
“Ah, yes. Did you think it would have been a good idea with Eric here?”
He glanced at her quickly and nodded, obviously understanding their play could have gotten out of control.
“However, now that we’re alone, if you’d be so kind as to unlace me, sir, I’d love to swim.”
She turned away, presenting him with her back. His large fingers fumbled with the laces. Before she could move away, he drew the top of her gown off her shoulders, exposing her breasts and turning her to his lips. She sighed and held his head to her breast as he pulled her skirt up, finding her under layers of material. With a deep groan, he bunched the cloth toward her waist to gain access. Only after pulling her undergarments away did he return to her breast, stroking her with his hand. Esme ground her pussy over his hand, making it her tool instead of his.
Ulrich hadn’t been a saint since their last meeting, and he’d enjoyed himself on occasion with a willing maid. But none of them ever truly let go with him, didn’t truly trust him with way Esmeralda did. She allowed him to dominate her body and soul freely, in turn making him more excited than he could remember.
Her lips parted, her mouth dropping open. When he slipped a finger inside her, a small groan of delight worked its way through her. His mouth anchored at her nipple. He brought her to the edge than pulled back several times before letting her fall safely into his waiting arms, her release leaving her breathless.
“Ulrich, how I’ve missed you.”
“Come, Esme. Let’s swim in the heat of the day.” He knew she wanted to hear he’d missed her too, but couldn’t say the words aloud. Knew if he did, his future would be sealed.
He couldn’t let that happen, no matter how much he loved her. He’d accepted the fact that he’d fallen in love with her years before but he refused to believe he’d be content to stay on land and be a husband, even for Esme. He’d give her what he could, a few hours where he’d make her feel alive, and in those same hours he’d take what memories he could, knowing they’d have to last him a lifetime.
It was easy to lift her over him in the water, to let her body float above him while he was buried deep within her. The position left his hands free to fondle her breasts, her nipples now hard raspberries from the cold. He was able to suckle her and impale her at the same time, which he did, much to her delight and his. She was still so tight around him, encasing him with her body.
Later, they lay under the tree, slowly making love a second time. When the sun lowered in the sky, they knew it was time to leave. Begrudgingly, he helped to lace her gown, the process taking much longer than it normally would have. Neither cared. Ulrich mounted his horse and settled her in front of him. Esme reached around and managed to free him from his trousers, hr hand smoothing over him in rhythmic motions.
“If you keep that up, Esme, we’ll not get back to the castle tonight.” He pressed his lips to her neck, his tongue riding over the scar, now just a thin line, where he chain had been pulled from her neck. He’d taken off the charm before arriving at Handrian. It was his original intent to see it returned to her, but he had kept it as a talisman for himself all these years, Esme never far from his heart or his mind.
His thoughts were altered when she shifted, the horse stamping his foot in annoyance. Only after she’d arranged her gown over his legs did Esme rise higher, slipping Ulrich’s erection inside her. She sat slightly tilted forward, and his left hand gripped both sets of reins, his right around her waist, holding her tight to him, letting the horse’s movements do all their work.
Their lazy ride toward town was anything but, and he knew her hip movements would end their journey soon, so he moved his hand to her breast, clamping over her, wanting the feel of him tightly encasing her. Their ride turned into a sensory exercise in control until they were nearing the populated area when he knew they’d have to separate. Reluctantly, he used muscle control to move inside her and to finish them both.

Sapphire Phelan/Shifting Desires: Beast Magic


Phaze Publishing

“See, there are only us and this hot, humid passion that fans the air between us,” he panted against her mouth. “Do not deny our destiny.”
Ramses pushed her down into the bed, caressing the satin curves of her hips. He squeezed, and her breath caught. Then he covered her and she felt his hardness pressed to her softer length. His cock snug against her hip as he took her lips again, giving her a soul-drenching kiss that took her breath away. All thoughts that she was making love with something akin to a myth, that only that afternoon he had been a lion, flew out the window as his hands stroked her skin and he continued to kiss her deeply.
He sure knows how to use those hands and lips.
Ramses smiled as he withdrew his lips from her and looked into her eyes. She saw that the smile shone in his eyes too. “That is nothing; wait till my cock is inside you. I plan to use that well too.”
Shocked, her eyes widened as she realized he could read her thoughts. His grin grew wider.
“Yes, our connection enables me to do so. Given time, you will too.”
Shana reached between their bodies and found his penis. She stroked her thumb over the head. “I bet you will use this well.”
Ramses purred.
Shana paused in her stroking. “Did you purr? Like a cat?”
He dipped his hand underneath her mound and pushed his thumb against her clit, rubbing it. She arched her back, crying out. He kissed her cheek and slipped two fingers into her moistness, beginning to fuck her with them.
“Did you not just purr, my anisa,” he said with a laugh.
She moaned. “What does anisa mean?”
“My joy, my pleasure. You are that, and much more. You are also my anando. My bliss.”
Shana grabbed his head and dragged his lips to her. “Just shut up, and fuck me.”
“Mmmmmmm. . .out of patience, are we?”
Ramses laughed and captured her mouth with his, laying waste to every hope of reserve. His tongue fucked her mouth, his fingers doing the same thing to her lower lips. She strained into him, consumed with need, driven to demand he satisfy her craving. Now. This instant. It didn’t matter what he really was. She needed the instant gratification she now realized only he could give to her.
Powerless to resist whatever he wanted of her, she felt bereft when his fingers left her. But elation filled her as he parted her thighs to allow him in. With one, powerful thrust he entered her, breaking the hymen that was her badge of virginity, swallowing her cry of pain. He stilled, letting her adjust to his fullness, then unable to stop it, began to thrust slowly in and out. Ramses took his lips away and purred.
“I am pleased that you had never given your precious gift to a human male. You are now truly my mate, my anisa, in all the ways that matter.”
“Oh, anando,” he moaned. She felt her muscles tightened around his length. “I love your sweet scent. Anisa, it smells uniquely you, like sandalwood. It’s the same odor I smelled from you at the zoo, and I can never get enough of it.”
Shana shifted, crying softly as she rocked her hips up to his. Suddenly there seemed to be nothing in the world but satisfying his own urgent need, and with a low growl, he lifted the top part of his body from her. Grasping her hips, she watched as he drew back and pumped into her again and again. Like a whirlwind out of control, he fucked her hard and fast, plunging deeper each time. She mewed and panted alternately, reveling in their unstinted passion and the quake of her swiftly coming release.
Proving it could be possible, their rhythm quickened like a brush fire out of control. Her panting growing wilder, she almost screamed when Ramses caressed her right breast and took the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Instead, she moaned and he obliged her, squeezing as he drove into her faster. Her release came in that instant. She gasped, letting the sound flee her mouth, and she jerked in his grasp. Keeping her eyes open, she watched with satisfaction as Ramses closed his eyes, surrendering his will to the overriding sensations. Shana enjoyed the way her pussy clenched him, squeezing tight. Knowing it had drawn him over the edge of exploding oblivion when he threw back his head and roared like the king of the jungle. Jets and jets of his warm cream filled her full. Obviously contented, he sagged onto her, unable to summon the strength or concern to move for a moment. When he came to, he rolled off her onto his side and pulled her back into him, wrapping an arm around her waist. Ramses stuck his nose against the back of her neck and sighed.
“I love your sexy, sweaty smell, anisa. I love you.”
It should have freaked her out that he professed to love her so soon. But then, if he had dreamed of her as long as she had, maybe not. She realized that yes; she felt something for him too. Whether that was love, she wasn’t sure, but something jumped at his declaration. Her senses were drowsy with the sweetest satisfaction of a woman fucked just right. She nestled her ass and back against his front and softened penis. A smile graced her lips as he nuzzled her neck. Shana’s eyelids drooped over her eyes, and unable to fight the drowsiness, she fell asleep in his arms.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mary A. Pope/Choices


Red Rose Publishing

Natalie’s body gave an uncontrollable shiver. He was too close. His breath on her skin brought back hot memories of their bodies being tangled into one. She must harden her resolve, she thought as she felt her nipples pucker even tighter. Her own body was betraying what she’d convinced herself in her mind she needed to do. Two against one and there are only two people in the room. The odds were stacked against her.
She stood and turned to face Sam. She rested her hip on the corner of the desk. The chair she had been sitting in acted as a barrier between the two.
Sam nudged the chair to one side with his hip. Tactical error, Natalie’s mind screamed. You are now trapped.
With her note pad defensively held to her chest she watched in slow motion as Sam’s hand reached for her. It settled at the base of her neck where he used its location to pull her towards him. He gently brushed his lips across hers.
“Natalie.” He sighed. “Do you know how much I’ve missed you? I have been going insane not being able to talk to you, to hear your voice. To know you and the girls were safe.”
She closed her eyes. She didn’t want Sam to see the truth in them. She’d missed him too. More then she wanted to admit, even to herself.
Natalie felt the pad being lifted away from her chest. She was powerless to stop it. She was lost in the sensation of his lips on hers.
Slowly Sam plucked at the buttons on her blouse. As the fabric fell open his free hand cupped her breast. Natalie moaned into his mouth. She didn’t think her nipples could be any tighter but they turned to sensitive little stones. He was bringing every nerve in them to life.
She found herself pushing his shirt over his head. She needed to feel his skin against hers. Her body trembled with a need she’d never felt before. Sam unhooked her bra, freeing her entire breast to his touch. Natalie was brought to the brink as he suckled the right one, then the left. Tentatively she reached for the front of his jeans. She felt his need for her, his shaft as hard as steel as it strained in the confines of his pants.
One by one she tugged each of the buttons through the holes, slowly freeing him. She watched as Sam kicked the puddle of jeans at his feet away. He looked up from the breast he’d been devouring with attention and smiled wickedly.
“You have on way too many clothes.”
He took his time as he removed her pants and thong. He caressed the smooth surface of her skin between her thighs as he pulled the waist band of her jeans down to her feet.
Natalie was lost in the onslaught of sensations pummeling her body. Sam pulled her hips to the edge of his desk and rubbed his manhood against the slick seam of her opening. She moaned with pleasure at what was happening and what was going to happen. She felt him ease into her. Her body enveloped him, gripping him as he pressed forward. She leaned back on her elbows, allowing him to bury himself to the hilt.
He stopped moving, his shaft deep within the innermost confines of her body. He reveled in the sensations as her body squeezed and gripped his. When he could no longer stand it he slowly withdrew himself to the tip. He heard her suck in a breath. She hissed like a steam pipe as he slowly pushed back into her body.
His slow purposeful strokes were building within her. She wrapped her legs around him, lifting her hips even closer. He was marching in her to a slow drum beat only they could feel and hear. He fondled the pebbles of her breast, causing her to cry out. A slow tremor was built in her. She reached, trying to find something to grip on the hard surface of his desk. Her nails dug and clawed to find something to anchor herself with but it was too late. Her body shattered and gave way as the orgasm rocked through her. She was lost in a sea of glittering lights and pure pleasure of a release she didn’t know she was capable of.
Sam stilled deep inside her as she felt him release his seed deep within her body. He moved again, stroking her, building her up to the edge where, if he sent her off, she feared she might not ever be able to come back, but he took her there anyway.
Sam laid his spent body across hers, pulling her close. Natalie felt as if she was on a cloud slowly drifting back to earth. She had yet to regain the ability to open her eyes, let alone speak. As her breathing began to slow down and her palpitating heartbeat was returning to normal rhythm she could, once again, feel other sensations. One of which was not pleasure. Something was digging into her back.
“Sam,” she whispered “there’s something under my back” She felt cold and empty when he pulled himself from the warm confines of her body. Slowly Sam lifted her body to a sitting position.
She heard Sam snort and opened here eyes to the reality of exactly where they were. A deep crimson color flooded her face. She had just made love on his desk. The object causing her such great pain was the very pen she’d been using earlier to take notes. Notes for her job, the picnic for his corporation. Feeling every ounce of her nakedness she tried to push Sam to one side to retrieve her clothes. Once she was on her feet his arms surrounded her like two steel bands, unyielding and unbreakable.

Rie McGaha/Deadly Dreams


Noble Romance Publishing

His blood bubbled beneath his skin and he lost himself in the want of her. He kissed down one leg, sucked her toes, licked her ankles and then went back up the other leg. He parted her legs when he reached the vee of her thighs and buried his face there. He licked up the center of her pussy, and with his tongue, he found the ripe little bud hidden in the folds of flesh and lapped at it until she was rocking her hips in rhythm with his mouth. Her hands were moving over her own body, her head rocked from side to side. He knew she was close to reaching her peak and he pulled away.
“No, no, no,” she cried and reached for him. He smiled and with his hands on her hips, he flipped her over onto her stomach. He nibbled at the nape of her neck then moved lower, sliding his tongue down her spine, kissing her shoulders as her hands fisted in the comforter. He kissed her round, firm ass, and licked up the cleft between the twin cheeks. He licked and kissed her legs, sucked gently on the soft skin behind her knees, and trailed his tongue over her calves, then worked his way back up. With her legs spread wide, he dove in, dipping his tongue into the dark, wet heat of her, and lapped at her until she squirmed.
Only then did he turn her back over and position himself between her legs, lifting her with his hands beneath her ass. Throwing her legs over his shoulders, he flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue. He kissed her there, sucked her into his mouth, lapped at her some more. Then she was writhing as he placed the flat of his tongue against her clit and rubbed until she screamed when an orgasm rocked through her.
Lowering her back onto the bed, he pressed the head of his cock against her pussy. God, she was so tight, and he tortured himself, moving slowly, deeper and deeper inside of her. He lifted her, wrapped his arms around her, and held her tightly. She wrapped her legs around him and he heard her whisper, “I want you, Chase. I want you now." He pushed into her and she screamed again. He stopped. "No, don’t you dare stop,” she breathed heavily.
He slid out and then inside of her as far as he could go, picking up the rhythm, and she followed him. Her hands moved restlessly over him as he held her tightly with his face buried in the curve of her shoulder. He said her name, whether out loud or in his own head, he didn’t know. She was surrounding him, filling his senses, filling his mind, just as he was filling her body, and all he could do was hold on to her. Then he heard her name escape his lips, he growled deep in his throat, and released all that he was inside of her.
Dragging deep breaths into his lungs, he tried to untangle himself from her, and finally got himself halfway off of her. That was as far as he went. He puffed and panted and his heart was pounding away in his chest as sweat poured off him. He opened his eyes when he felt Lea’s cool hand on his face, and he pressed her palm to his mouth and kissed it. She rolled over on her side to face him. He opened his eyes to find her smiling contentedly.
Pulling her to him, he held her close, kissing her forehead, her eyes, her nose. A spear of desire shot straight through him when he kissed her, and he marveled that he was already hard. That hadn’t happened in at least fifteen years. When he was a younger man, he could perform several times a day if he had a willing partner, but this was different. Running his hands slowly over her body, watching her face, he pulled her on top of him and kissed her again. His hands moved slowly down her back, over her ass and back up.
She sat up, straddling him. Bracing her hands against his chest, she slid slowly, sensuously back and forth over him. He watched the smile play on her lips as he held her breasts in his hands and rolled the nipples between his finger and thumb. Lifting up, she centered herself over his cock, then sheathed him with her pussy in one quick stroke. Her eyes went wide as his cock filled her completely, and he grinned.
He watched her move back and forth on him, pleasuring herself, and her actions made him harder than ever. Holding her hips, he sank his fingers into her flesh. Everything she felt showed clearly in her expressions, and her passion incited him. He moved her up and down, faster and faster until she came with her head flung back and her long hair brushing the tops of his thighs. He followed her over the edge, rising up off the bed with the force of his release.
I've never known this feeling before, he thought as he held her, stroked her hair, stroked her back while he was still inside of her. He had never thought it possible to have such a profound connection with a woman, had never even considered it, and was so overwhelmed by the feelings racing through him he could only hold her tighter and close his eyes against the assault. If this was love, he’d need some time to get acquainted with it. These feelings were so new, he would need time to work through them in his mind, but he didn’t think he’d have the time while there was a murderer running loose. Still, they had tonight and tomorrow. He’d think about what it all meant after that. For right now, he wasn’t letting her go.

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